The This or That Game


@Englishd that’s whack, it’s all about ranch


Ranch is definitely good. But man, BBQ ribs and pulled pork is what did it.




The sauces are to be judged on their own merit,not what you mix em with/on/in lol, right @Betterbee?


True, I guess. But have you ever mixed ranch and BBQ? Ba-ranch wings are amazing


Red Sox


16 candles


Tabasco or Siracha?



Tabasco… cholula better tho






Flame free bowel movements…but I’d go siracha if I had to lol, used to love all that stuff but it don’t like me no more :frowning:


Nope, never,yuck, don’t even wanna think about it


Yeah I meant like ranch by itself and BBQ by itself lol
But I’ve heard of mixing the two


You are seriously missing out.


Sriracha is amazing!!!


@Englishd, I’m very dissapointed in you! You’re from Pittsburgh for God’s sake! RANCH! Haha, I know there are some bj jokes around here about ranch.

And siracha.


Go to Fishers in Zelienople. Order the ba-ranch wings and tell me they aren’t amazing.


Pepse or Coke was already discussed, but Pepsi


There’s something wrong with people who prefer toilet paper in the under hand position.