The This or That Game


Has anyone asked coffee or tea yet?
If not, coffee!!!


Cheetos or Doritos?


Coffee. All day


Doritos. Most of the day


Coffee… Except for the spot of mint tea I have for my early evening meeting (but I also get a shot of espresso with it that is immediately consumed).


I will occasionally drink tea at the noon meeting. Not sure why because I don’t do it anywhere else


For you NHL fans. Penguins or Flyers


The only tea I will typically drink is mint tea. Will have to explore some others now…


I used to drink sleepy time tea to help me sleep


I like tea as well! All different kinds of tea. But coffee keeps alive!!!
Mmmmm Doritos…gosh they’re so bad for you though but soooooo good!


What is this sleep you speak of?






What is this NHL you speak of


I’m not actually sure if it’s called sleepy time tea, but that’s what the nurses gave me in rehab when I couldn’t sleep and they wanted me to leave them alone. That first rehab was pure misery


The league that the Pittsburgh Penguins basically dominate.


It’s where they do team interpretative ice dancing pretending that they are playing shootypucks


It probably is, I love that stuff. Has valerian root in it. The Celestial seasonings factory is on Sleepytime Drive lol.


This is by far the most important question on here.

Tupac or Biggie??

East coast represent. Biggie in the house.


Tupac – hands down playa.