The This or That Game


I think I used to sleep. It is the thing of fairly tails where princes wake princesses up from the curse of sleeping.


I know you didn’t draw that so quickly so that can only mean you have that stored somewhere lol


Biggie. Tupac doesn’t live, but Kurt does.



I thought we would all identify with


But knowing that


lol, It runs too deep for pictures. I’m going to go deep here just because i’m bored at work. Everyone just stop reading if you don’t care about my ramblings. I don’t claim to be right, I just claim to feel.

Gansta rap isn’t really something I spend a lot of time listening to or thinking about. I went to high school in a time that may or may not have been unique in the sense that you took a lot of shit for being undecided and rock or rap was one of the biggest social segregators. I was on the rock bus early on because I liked Bush and Silverchair and stuff like that. I also liked The Foogies and Coolio but I was super closeted about it.

My feelings about Biggie happened after his life. He was pretty iconic about taking care of his progeny. Once you have kids it becomes about getting it done and what it takes to get it done. Right or wrong, I have always done whatever it takes to keep the rent paid and food in my kids mouths. I have not always been proud of what kinds of things had to happen to make that the case. I didn’t have what it takes to stay out of jail and failed one of my kids in that regard, but still. I continue to try to take the “right” answer version of what it is going to take. This has not been put to the test in a major way in sobriety.

What this really angles towards is that the kid I had longer, his father just didn’t care. Why doesn’t matter. I’m sure there were a lot of mitigating factors that had to do with that, like us being young and stupid but in the end, my son’s father wasn’t risking everything and doing whatever it took to take care of our kid. This abandonment made the situation that much harder. Biggie took pride in his kids. He did whatever it took to raise them up higher than himself and he made no apologies for doing what it takes. I may not always agree with his methods or love every song he ever made, but a man who gets in the trenches has my attention and respect. It is for that reason that I cut my daughter’s father a lot, and I mean a lot, of slack about parenting her and his role in it. He wants to do it, he fights to be able to make choices that better her. That fight is a cherished fight in the end because he cares. He doesn’t have to. My new kid’s dad probably isn’t going to.

Tupac’s whole family represents and supports civil unrest and creates worlds that threatens kids and families. The kind of thing that their actions do make situations like genocide in Sudan feel like it could actually happen here. One day I might have to walk with my kids to another country and the simple act of gathering wood everyday being more threatening because of how far it is from camp might be what orphans my kids. Extreme, sure. But I bet someone said that before it actually happened there too.

A simple question of Tupac or Biggie is suddenly loaded. To me it is the question of choosing devastation and anarchy or family at any cost. I choose family.


My interests in either run only as deep as their beats and lyrics. I don’t pretend to relate or understand anything beyond that. Although, I did get robbed in one of the places Tupac got shot, so I guess that is something.

Where I grew up, it was rap, rock, classic rock, or country-- and for many it was all swirled together. It was like it existed in its own world with no direct correlation to what was going on in the world elsewhere. No one i know or met my age – had the craziness that existed in high school involving race, drugs, money, and everything else.


Sounds like a nice world you got to grow up in. I’m jealous. :slight_smile:


TBH – it is only in the last 6 months that I have realized how fubared significant portions of my life were. I just thought that was what normies had to deal with – and if you didn’t you had a sheltered life. LOL

Also to clarify – it in the second para second sent – was referring to where I grew up.


Italian food or Chinese food?

I don’t think it’s possible to decide


Ok start again

Cat or dog

Cat :cat2::cat::smile_cat::joy_cat::smiley_cat:


Doggies. Puppies. Give me all the dogs.








On the light hearted end though, it made me think of this. @Englishd too, since you made me think of it.


Am totesmagoats not much llama. B/C llama = drama and I aint bout that. LOL


Drama llama has taken up residence in my supportive living house.


really? What happened with that girl and stuff anyway? Did everything simmer down or is it still all dramatic and stuff?


That simmered down but the director is outta her mind. She’s watching the cameras and calling people to bitch. I got yelled at for laying on the couch and eating in the living room lol. I was very respectful to her but she was super bitchy to me. I even asked if it was cool that I ate in there and the dude that works here said it was cool lol


Dude, I was being filmed at rehab and I pressed the pressure points on this dude’s neck to demonstrate how one plays The Passout Game without actually making him passed out. We had to both go in and explain that there was nothing sexual about it and it was not wiring up. Literally, using thumbs to touch under someone’s ears is not a sex act. Being filmed is weird.


Hey D – here is something for the suggestion box – yall need a doge! One of the places a guy i know worked at keeps a retired drug sniffing doge as the house doge.