The This or That Game


As long as you hate duke.


Yep, I hate Duke more than I hate Cuse. So I guess that’s my answer haha.


Ragu or prego. Yes I know homemade is better just answer the damn question


Prego! (10 characters)


Ragu!!! I’m hungry now!!


Unicorn or horse? I think unicorn… No need to wonder where @Englishd stands lol


Horse, of course…brony power lmao (check the last day or so of the vent thread if u havent already and u want a good laugh)


It has had to be moved for people who feel it is triggery. It is in the lounge now with a sex addiction warning. If memory serves, I think @Victorious is not someone who would want to see it. No offense, @Victorious.


Thanks, I’ll check it out. I was gonna say horse,cuz I thought of the movie “Seabiscuit”(or was that just the horse’s name?) N it was cool,but unicorns are unique,so


It’s cool,good looking out. The sex stuff may definitely be better for me to stay away from


It was more just too much clowning around. What had been posted was more covered than what you see at the beach, but whatever.


Lol ok
10 darn characters


We need to think of a 10 letter word and vote for it to mean “filling in 10 characters”




Firestorms is better


Not if you live in California I’d imagine lol


:stuck_out_tongue: how many people know what mizzenmast is? You just drenched my darn fire


I don’t. I just googled ten letter words


Ah, crap my bad sry @Victorious I’m pretty good about sticking my foot in my mouth at times lol. I keep assuming everyone here is an alcoholic for some reason, even tho I have other addictions myself and I see people posting about a variety of other issues.



Yes now I think I remember how to bold words… Now how do I do italics? :thinking:

But that was a good idea, hahahaha. You should try googling that ice cream wife