The This or That Game


Lol seems I learned the italics n not the bold ROFL


It’s cool. To be honest I didn’t use to talk to alcoholics too much, no offense. I just pretty much came to meet people who are addictedd to the things I’m addicted to, so I could get tips n hopefully help others. But as you get to interact with cool people you kinda forget about the addiction n focus more on the journey n the people you meet among the way…I think. I guess that’s where I kinda am currently.


In my defense that was autcorrect hell.


Well, to counter your defense I’ll say your should read before you press “reply” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, that’s been my experience too so far, and I definitely don’t want to offend anyone or cause them any pain with their addictions that might lead them to relapse or drive them away from here.


That takes all the fun out of it.


Yeah, I figured as much Mr mischief lol


Mr. Mischief or Englishd?

Mr. Mischief!


Time to start an alter-ego profile on here.


No, you have to ask the powers that be for a legit screen name change. Multiple accounts is a vio. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Whaaaa? I already have 6. How else would I send creepy PM’s


You’re busted now.


I use a VPN so they will never catch me muhahaha


Now, this is serious because I am getting ready to make some tater tots. Do I dip them in Catelina dressing or make this roasted red pepper & artichoke dip that I have never had before? I am excited to find a cheeseless artichoke dip but with the amount of vomiting going on, if I dont like it I am not going to be excited about tasting it twice.


Both wrong, dip in ranch


I dont like ranch. Or ketchup…


Ketchup is nasty…but you don’t like ranch?!?..hmmm…go with the dip…it looks good


The chips are just a conduit to get the dip to my mouth lol



I actually had this discussion with a guy in AA. He is also a dip fan


Definitely agree! Lol