The This or That Game


Omgosh what happened to your tastebuds? Have you never liked either of the two?


I have been drunk enough to mistake ranch for good, but not ketchup.



My 10 characters choice … unless I get in trouble about those 10 characters … that’s just one of “my” words, so fucktards! It is y’all… or for rn


If we haven’t got in trouble yet I don’t think fucktards is going to get us there. Funny side note, for like the first week I thought swearing was against the guidelines lol


With raging pottymouth everywhere? Really?


If you haven’t noticed I’m a little slow and/or dense.


Wait for it…wait…
Imma change my profile name to fucktard


Usually I am all for that stuff, but I have a hard time supporting this one…


Already taking on that mod role hehe


No, its just so negative. Its a backslide. She embodies nothing of a fucktard…


Just give yourself a minute…
I need support.
I’m only kidding about the profile change. #humor


Yeah… considering Nope. Labeling you a fucktard is about as funny as slut shaming rape victims. I know. Total wet blanket on that one.


Derek slowly backs out of the room and quietly shuts the door.


I apologize. I absolutely didn’t mean to offend or stir things up.


No, it is for you, Doll. If you change, pick something uplifting and funny. Fucktard is hilarious until you want to name yourself that is all I’m getting at.


I hear u. I get what u mean.
Imma stay sweetTea, but now I’m like…hmmmm… what other profile could I have created … maybe RollTideRoll… that one would likely have evoked a reaction from some peeps (-:


Yeah. Like Nick saban is the devil reincarnate


Ketchup or mustard.

Also you must be mustard bc you’re trying to ketchup. You can thank my sponsor for that


Hunts or Heinze


Heinz. I’d rather put blood on my French fries than Hunt’s