The This or That Game


@SweetTea I’m curious. Brisk or homemade?


We’re a lot alike
True or false


Tea I mean?


I’m just playin


Lol, the guidelines do say treat the place like a public park so technically ur not wrong


Shes from the south. Brisk is poison down there.


Boil the lipton. Add 1 cup of sugar


It probably should be considered poison everywhere. And good to know. Thanks


Probably my favorite word!


Ooooo that is a tough question.
If this were the early 2000 I would say atmosphere for sure . Given the way his music went as of late I will have to go with bazooka tooth Aesop Rock


Celtics or Cavaliers


We can’t be friends now…LMAO :slight_smile:


Celts for sure, as a Yankees fan I’m expected to despise the red Sox but that didn’t carry over to basketball, I grew up watching Larry bird remind white boys how to play basketball again lol and I always thought he was a classy dude all the way around


Syracuse Nationals. Oh wait this isn’t 1955


I am ressurrecting this thread.

Taco or burrito?


Is that a Mexican food or an attraction question?

I can’t weigh in on Mexican food because there is cheese on both. If it is attraction I am all about the burrito.


:laughing: taquitos, enchiladas, or those xl burritos at taco bell? I said I was gonna ease up but apparently I cant turn it off :joy:


I live in Mexican territory. The tacos are loco up in here!


I just had a pretty decent burrito last night.

Del taco vs. taco Bell vs. taco John’s.

I’m John’s all the way


None. Any bodega. Taco Bell is colon blow.