The This or That Game


:laughing: taquitos, enchiladas, or those xl burritos at taco bell? I said I was gonna ease up but apparently I cant turn it off :joy:


There’s a big difference in taco style :joy:


Really taquitos with avocado sour cream and salsa haha


I live in Mexican territory. The tacos are loco up in here!


I just had a pretty decent burrito last night.

Del taco vs. taco Bell vs. taco John’s.

I’m John’s all the way


None. Any bodega. Taco Bell is colon blow.


Tue only one of those we have around here is taco bell and you can’t really call those tacos :joy:

And that explains the question. You were eating a burrito at the time. Lol


No you can’t. Even when I was smoking all the weed in Mexico I wouldn’t eat there


Amen. When I was in San Diego for a few months, a buddy convinced me to go to go across the border, and while there, we ate. Spent the next few days doing the “TJ Two-Step”. Never again.

When my son was training for his church mission, he was sent to a language school in Mexico City. He subsisted on tuna, Ramen, bottled-water, and vitamin supplements. He told me he was one of the only folks in his class that didn’t have raging craps for a month.


I REALLY like taco bells mt dew Baja Blast and Cinna bon thingies.


Although, Baja Blast has finally left Taco Bell. I’ve seen cans of it in Walmart.

I’m not saying you eat in Mexico. I’m saying you go to a Mexican Food Truck in the US.


All we have here is taco bell. Or Margaritas. Lol. Crunch wrap supreme used to be my favorite but I haven’t eaten at a taco bell in like 7 years.


We don’t have Mexican food trucks here.
Small town remember.
But we do have a real Mexican restaurant that serves amazing food. And about 20 minutes south is a town that had taco trucks. Lol they will come to our town for busy times in the summer.


Oh man, authentic burritos all the way! I miss my delicious hole in the wall place in California. Best Mexican food ever! There were a few other authentic restaurants I loved as well, but that little family run place was the best!


When I went to California, I ate at a Mexican restaurant in San diego. Being near the border, I expected it to be so great. I was actually shocked how flavorless and bland it actually was!


Oh and yes!! Totally have a case of Baja Blast in my fridge right now :joy:


I grew up in upstate New York so its Catsup.


Go Orange!


Yep. Beat Georgetown.


Law School at SU?