The This or That Game


Ocean. People in Buffalo who talking about “going to the beach” confuse the shit out of me. The edge of Lake Erie is not a beach.


You’d think I’d say Ocean since I grew up next to one. But I prefer Lakes…specifically Moosehead. There is something about the tranquility of a quiet lake.


I get that, hence my camping answer lol. Would you believe I’ve never been to Moosehead?? There’s a ton of this state I need to explore, I spend most of my free time in Phippsburg instead lol


Well I wouldnt argue with spending time in my area, I’m always so jealous of you ;). My family has a street named after us on one of the dirt roads leading past the Coast Guard station. And btw, you need to get your butt to Moosehead…it is freaking amazing!!! We had a small cabin in Greenville…I think my dad still uses it.


Where’s Moosehead?


I love the tranquility of a lake. And lakes always seem more secluded. But the ocean does something to my soul that I can only get from an ocean.


Amen!! Moosehead is here in Maine, Bill used to have the same stomping grounds I do! :slight_smile:


It’s the largest Mountain lake on the east coast.


I still stomp there, just havn’t been up to see the family in a couple years. This summer it may have to happen. Lunch at spinney’s and ice cream at percy’s!


I would LOVE to visit Maine. I’ve heard it’s breathtaking.


Omg, it so is. And if you come up you guys HAVE to meet me! Lol


Especially in the summer


Well of course!!! :slight_smile:


I feel like that warrants a “duh.” :yum:


when making a sandwich which would you put on top the ham or cheese?


Depends on the day. I put one on each side and flop the left bread on top of the right side


Cheese @C-sun


Yeah, I don’t eat ham or cheese. Egg and mayo/egg salad or pbj kind of girl.


Sugar free blueberry if I can find it. Sugar free orange marmalade if I can afford it. I will settle for sugar free blackberry or strawberry. Worst case senario is grape but I will still eat it.


Wal-Mart has pretty hood sugar free generic selection. Kroger has a few but walmart has more choices. Unless budget is no issue. If budget is no issue then orange marmalade is totally worth it.