The This or That Game


Yeah! New york city. Sorry. Thats because when brazilians are talking about “ny” , usually the are refering to the city. I’ll just stay 1 week so infortunately i have no time to travel around the state


No one ever does lol. I too am from the rest of NY outside of the city.


That’s true of most people here in the U.S. too. I certainly did until the army moved us to Buffalo NY. I hope you have a sober blast there!


I really want to stay a little longer, but my sister’s graduation is on december 29. But maybe the next time! But I am so happy that i am actually going to see the snow! Cant wait


Thank you :grin:


Sounds like u speak english better than some of the people here already lol, and if you’ve lived close enough to any of the borders to pick up any Spanish or that Portuguese/Spanish mixture…Portunol I think it’s called? You’ll probably be able to communicate better than most of us! Lol. If u decide u like it here and are willing to give the Washington DC/ Baltimore area a chance I’ll trade houses with ya, u can have my place and I’ll move to Brazil! Haha. Yeah I imagine it would be for a tourist, I’ll hafta remember that place u mentioned, bookmarked it on Google maps :grin:


I hope for your sake there will be snow. NYC doesn’t get nearly as much as @Hope0110 and I see, but there’s a pretty good chance they will have some by then.


I get the same reaction when I say I’m from Washington. “Oh! I love Seattle! You must be used to the rain.”

2/3 of the state is a desert, you know.


Tex Mex please lol


I will keep this thread alive in honor of @SweetTea with a new wrinkle. I’m throwing in a poll.

This one is important.

  • Subway
  • Jimmy John’s
  • Jrecks (ewww)
  • Other

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We got some smart people here. We should always do the poll thing on this thread. Its cleaner and you can see immediate results. Then we can argue. Although when it comes to a sub, there really shouldn’t be any arguing.


I cheated on Jimmy John’s with pita pit today. I regret it


Haha! I have eaten Pita Pit twice in my life. First was amazing. It was divine. The second time I couldn’t remember what I’d gotten the first time and it was meh. Haven’t been back.


It’s not that it’s bad, it just wasn’t filling and it was pricey. Jimmy John’s would have satisfied my hunger for less money


What do you normally get from JJ?

I usually go with a club Lulu as an unwich with sprouts and radishes and shit. Been a minute since I had one though.


I’m obsessed with italian subs. With Jimmy peppers


True that. When I eat, I eat to get the maximal return on my investment. One of the reasons I like Claim Jumper. Huge portions.


Do you price compare when you grocery shop? I always check the price/oz or lb lol


It’s crazy in the Grimmer house. We look at different stores for products. If we see something on sale that is going to be out of stock or the sale is going to end, we buy it. If we decide we still need it, we keep it, if not we return it. We might buy and then go shop for the product elsewhere then return. My wife is an ultra planner. She is awesome at finding deals and getting stuff on the cheap.


Co-cola in this southern family!