The This or That Game


Coke? Southerners drink RC Cola…with peanuts in it, and a moon-pie on the side.


Ha! I’ll totally agree with the peanuts and the Moon Pie - but I can honestly say I have never tasted an RC Cola. @SweetTea? @Neighbrofthebeast668? Help me out here!


We still have RC cola up here. Trips me out Everytime I see it. Almost like a time capsule of sort lol


They have Tab at a store in my town…now that trips me out…lol!


That is a trip out!!
Now I’m feeling nostalgic and shit


The sell it at the Great-Wal-of-China-Mart. I know that. When I lived in the Carolinas, it was everywhere.


Whoa. That’s nuts. I remember my Mama drinking that when I was a little girl!


I remember all of my Aunts drinking it, when they were “on their diet”. I remember thinking if you are using TAB to wash down Manicotti and toasted ravioli, all the TAB in the world won’t make you thin. Tasted like crap too. If I were over at their house and offered one, I’d say “No thanks. I drank a bunch of water from the hose outside. I’m good.”


Brunette guys :+1:t3:
Mountains :heart_eyes:
Books :heart:
Sunrise :slight_smile:

Answer correction: CUBS! @Bill_Phillips
Brilliance on display: ‘With a team, but bossing that mug’ @SweetTea
Honorable mention for Mr. Mischief: A

You have a week off:
Luxury resort or Log cabin?


Log cabin. No contest


Log cabin. Hammock. Tent. All before a luxury resort.


Log cabin! I grew up in one!


Depends on what the luxury resort offers and if it is free or not!


Full spa, everything paid. Waited on hand & foot


I see a lot of log cabin lovers :raised_hands:t3::clap:t3:


Yeah, I was thinking more Great Wolf Lodge… dont really care about spa experiences. I can get massage anytime I want, I have 2 that work for me.


Great Wolf is fun! Beautiful! Kinda cheating a little, lol but good answer :+1:t3:


I’ve only had one professional massage in my life. And definitely not my kind of thing.


Depends on who’s doing it and what kind of massage you’re getting. I’m not a spa kind of guy. I’m a Chiropractor, so my therapists do medical, deep tissue massage. Its productive massage. They’re not just trying to get you to fall asleep, they’re trying to improve your body’s biomechanics.


Man coke has permeated the globe, all those sodas came out of the south anyway so in NC at least it’s a 50/50 split on coke and pepsi, no one bothers with the RCs, I’ve seen a few old timers put peanuts in soda but never tried myself. As for the moon pies I couldnt eat one now but I had my share when I was a kid.