The This or That Game


Yep, sounds like something a commie would say, more terrorist regime tactics! Why dont you heathens do like that dictator in Egypt and just offer people $5 or discounted water park tickets for their votes?!




I was born down here man, I never had it in the first place :crazy_face:


Apple pie, above all else.


No way… Blueberry


If u search inside ur heart aren’t cookies just mini cakes and brownies just cut up slices of square cake? :thinking:


I don’t like cooked blueberries. The squishy texture isn’t my thing. Same with cherries. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Pecan pie trumps everything!


Not even close. Cookies and brownies are in a world of their own :joy:


Cupcakes are like little kisses from Heaven. :heart_eyes:


Ok, deny it if u must, I understand…

But it’s only because


Could just make this…


Right? He’ll end up missing cherry pie now. Lol


I miss pecan pie. Fucking bypass surgery.


End all. My friends and I started making ‘Piecaken’ for events. All other arguments are null and void.
I cannot find a picture of the last one I made, but it was German chocolate cake, with a cherry pie inside, on top of a vanilla cake with an apple pie inside.


@Sober_Ninja for the win! Reuniting this divided nation as one…the prophecy foretold us there would be a messiah!


I like to bake. :dancer:


So it is written, so it shall be! :laughing:
Hmm…for some reason ur words aren’t showing up in red? Dunno if we need to get tech support on this or maybe jesus has a patent on that? :thinking:


Okay so @Sober_Ninja and @C-sun can take care of our dessert needs for our big TS family cookout. I’ve made a turducken from scratch but never a piecaken.


You cannot be from North Carolina.