The This or That Game


Yeah, I was thinkin wegmans would be worth checkin… I even braved the man bun infestations in the fresh market and whole foods not too long ago to try to find siggis since @Yoda-Stevie has turned me into a fiend for that stuff and I looked in both while I was there to no avail. Are any of u guys familiar with a grocery store called “LidL”? That’s what the one closest to my house is and it looks like they just built it. I’ve been seeing billboard for em lately that say “changing the grocery game” and “your grocery store is ripping you off” lol


Yes. Had one open last year. It’s a “European” style supermarket. Has what one would need, just fewer choices for each. Mostly private-brand products.


Lidl is taking over the world…yikes…those god damned germans with their efficiency…:wink: We have Lidls here too…I can safely say that if I was to go to the cheapest option for groceries it would be Lidl…AND if it was the closest one to me I would have no problem shopping there…just that there is another shop closer to me…and then there really is no choise because the distance happens to be the deciding factor for me.


It’s called Aldi here. I love it. Doesn’t have everything I need, but what it has is fresh and cheap. Plus they have good Eurpean chocolates.

I prefer chunky peanut butter but gastric bypass doesn’t. I have to eat creamy now. I like it with sliced fresh fruit. Apple, strawberry, whatever. @anon37742172 and I share a fondness for peanut butter and carrots.


Aldi is the shit!


I’m still looking for it too :cry::cry::cry:


Bananas sliced lengthwise with peanut butter & miracle whip on top :grin::yum:


I like all 3 of those separate so I would rock them together


:thinking:. I’m intrigued


Boiled eggs and peeps? Peanut butter, banana, and miracle whip? You people need an intervention!


Who played a better joker?

  • Jack
  • Heath

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My man, Mr D. I knew I could count on you on this one :wink:


Gotta respect a classic. I thought Heath did a fantastic job, but no one plays a psychopath better than Jack


Nothing wrong with Heath, but a classic is a classic…Now if the vote was on who’s the best batman it would be a tougher one


I dont know, the dark knight series was amazing. Heath blew it out of the water. Jack was great too. Way better than freaking suicide squad. Disappointment of the century.


Boy Suicide Squad was crap. No real story.


Suicide Squad was Margot Robbie in pig tails. That’s the extent of the movie lol.

You cannot compare Heath and Jack’s Joker. They are totally separate beings to me. Totally separate eras of cinema.

Fwiw, I think Heath did a better job. He was exactly what I imagine the Joker to be.


Pft, go play in the oversized sandbox that is your back yard and leave the movie talk to the adults


Dude…this totally puts your status as Captain Awesome to question…Here I was thinking Captain Awesome only had the right opinions???


You were post 666