The This or That Game


How could you cheer for Russia for anything?




Croatia for the win!




Let’s settle this shit. @c-sun @Neighbrofthebeast668 @Yoda-Stevie @DowntroddenGoat

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I can’t believe you didn’t tag me in that. I’m slightly heart broken :tired_face:


Pie is, has, and always will be the cheap container used to squander delicious ingredients from achieving their full potential! Communists use it to keep society poor by denying its citizens plates to eat off of! A vote for cake is a vote for democracy!


All cake is… Flavored flour mixed with fluids and baked


If you buy boxed cake mix. Scratch cake is the best.


Still mostly a flour type base.


Right, but that’s true of most carbohydrates. Cookies, bread, pastries, etc. I’ll grant it’d be easier to live GF with pie. But angel food cake is DIVINE. Hence, the name. Back me up @Neighbrofthebeast668


Angel food cake…jesus, how did I forget angel food cake smh


The people have spoken. Pie is king.


“The people”??? 6 of us. Hardly a fair representation. Although I will say Chris sides with you.


My Chris says pie too!!


Looks like we got someone from Florida handling the ballot boxes also…my shit says 5 voters and there are 6 in the box?!?
@englishd …just like a commie dictator, trying to shut down the polls early smh


Did you lose your intelligence by moving south. It’s still open. I voted with my other screen name though.


I’m going to make a new account to vote again. :joy::joy:


The chris’s are sheeple! And @Hope0110 urs is a bad one at that, clearly he doesn’t know which side his bread is buttered on, u need to handle that shit girl! Haha, jk

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