The This or That Game


Staying with the cookout/BBQ theme:

  • Brisket
  • Ribs
  • Pulled pork

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Lol, I actually am…as for the cake or pie thing i honestly claim no allegiance, one grandma made good assed chocolate cake, one made an even better naner puddin, and mom is the queen of pecan pie as far as I’m concerned. I just saw an opportunity to antagonize the masses and couldnt resist :grin: although I do stand by the belief that no one should eat moon pies after they turn 10 years old or so lol. I think I reaffirmed my heritage with this last one as brisket and ribs are ‘aiight’ but if ur really tryin to throw down that whole pig is where it’s at! And anyone who shows up with KC masterpiece or Kraft barbecue sauce to put on it is gettin a swift kick in the nards, there will be a gallon vinegar jug with no label and holes poked in the lid beside the cooker and ur welcome for having ur life changed :laughing:


That’s really tough to say. When you say BBQ, do you mean smoked low and slow? Or grilled on a BBQ? Good slow cooked ribs are from heaven, but they’re hard to find.


Slow and low is the only way


I stand corrected, @Neighbrofthebeast668. You just threw down nanner puddin’, pecan pie,and you stomped that brisket nonsense. You are a boy after my own heart.


How can we be friends. Actually we can all be best friends. I will eat all the ribs and all the pies :joy::joy:


Random and can’t make a poll but what’s your favorite little Debbie? :joy:
And did you know they make double decker oatmeal cream pies now? Haha


@MoCatt clearly some people have never been to a pig pickin and just dont know hehe…now them oatmeal pies are bigger in NC than moon pies could ever be…I think they’re about 89% lard lol, some country singer wrote a song about moon pies but I think wed all trade em for an oatmeal cream pie in a heartbeat.


In. A. Heartbeat.:heart:


Option C: Watermelon :slight_smile:


Avocado :avocado:


I’ll be the oddball (big surprise). Rain


Avocado for the win!!


Both homemade of course!!

  • Salsa
  • pico de gallo

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You’re all weirdos :wink:


That’s a tough one. How hot is the salsa? :wink:


How ever hot you eat either of them :joy:


I’m sitting at your table.


Go back to post 585. Pie is killin it.


Yeah…I really gotta feel the room out a little better the next time I practice my anarchist aspirations…I really thought I was backin a winning horse on that one smh lol