The This or That Game


I stand by my assertion.

Because well… “I am Batman” in the Christian Bale voice


My lord works in obvious ways :wink:


In terms of N64 games:
Or MarioKart?




Mario, hands down!!


I just went thru the polls I’ve missed, haha, I am never in the popular opinion category! :grin:


You and the grimster don’t respect the classics.


Popular vote is often wrong…unless you guys start electing your presidents in that way :wink:


But I LOVED Heath. And I thought he did a great job!


I’m not saying he didn’t. But Jack’s version defined a generation of villanary


Amen to that brother, amen.


It’s been a LONG time since I watched the original. Maybe I should do that again!


Times change, and thank God for that. Else I’d mired in my old ways.

Jack was classic, purely artful as the villain. Heath was a much different version that I happened to thoroughly enjoy.


Whole bunch of them popped up in my area, seemingly overnight. Blitze bauen.


Taking over the world I tell you…


Oh I love the classics! I just thought that the dark knight trilogy was better. You have to admit that Batman was the only good one of the 4.

@SmokeyMirror goldeneye all the way!


I’m baaack. Rockin like 52.something hours of glorious withdrawals.

Android or Apple?


@SweetTea we need your southern sass.



Android. You go girl, you are brave and I’m glad you are back!


I converted to cat lover two years ago and never looked back!