This is my first day of sober

I haven’t been well for my entire life, I I’m alcoholic and I don’t know how Get out of this, I can no longer alone and I need help I have tried many times to try to quit alcohol but this time I hurt many people and I was involved in a big problem


Welcome to the community Lyzzie and welcome to day 1 of sobriety!

SO true - we can not do this alone. We need help with our sobriety and we need loads of support along the way!

few things to help …

  • stay active here. great group of people here with similar struggles. you will not feel alone here. Take time to read around the threads and jump in when you feel comfortable
  • try meeting(s) (in person and on line) – try multiple ones till you find one(s) that click.
  • work the steps (this helps with making amends and working on yourself)
  • therapy may help
  • changing up your daily routines so that you avoid triggers and urges
  • keeping yourself busy (hobbies and activities)

I find the daily check in thread to be most useful in trying to stay accountable – Checking in daily to maintain focus #58

Wishing you luck and hoping to see you around.


Welcome. Realising that things have got out of hand and u need to change is the first step. You have done it. Next is setting up a plan. Jazzy had some great suggestions. Reading some “quit lit” that really teaches in detail how alcohol gets its claws in, how it truly is a false friends, ways to help u quit, is another suggestion. I liked Annie Grace’s ‘The Naked Mind’, Alan Carr’s ‘Easy way to quit’ is also popular. But we are here to support however u try to be sober.


Hi, welcome! :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Glad you are here @Lyzz !

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Welcome to the community! You’re amongst friends, whenever you’re in doubt come check in here.


Try a meeting they will help wish you well

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Sounds like, possibly, you’ve been fortunate to have received the GIFT of Desperation!

If you act on this wonderful gift, you’ll be on to something BIG!

And remember, embrace: “Honesty, Open-Mindedness & Willingness.”

And, with time, the pain you’ve caused others will, eventually, abate.

DON’T give up!



Start checking in here on a daily basis and seek other outside help as needed.


One day at a time is what I’m learning. I’ve been clean for 2 days, after multiple relapses. I relapsed because I was trying to do this alone, but finally realized I couldn’t and needed support. It’s sad that there’s no meetings in my area, but I attend online meetings. A good place for online meetings is called In The Rooms. Feel free to message me. Welcome to the first day of the best part of your life. You’re truly a miracle :blush:

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@Lyzz and @HopeDealer2
how are you two doing today? Keep working on your sobriety! Great to have you with us here!