"This Naked Mind" Book Club Discussion


I’ve never watched it but I’ve played all the games. They’re amazing, and some of my absolute favorites. <3


I hear you. The idea of controlled drinking is kinda weird. If u have to make an effort to control your drinking, then maybe it’s more an issue than acknowledged.


Z: The Beginning of Everything https://g.co/kgs/Du1gtW


Thanks! I’m excited! I’ll have something to watch this weekend or if I can’t sleep!


Hahaha and silly me, when I hear Zelda I think of the games. The show looks amazing. ฅ’ω’ฅ


Well. I’m turning on my handy, dandy sleep fan app n gonna catch zzzzzz. Box fan sounds help me sleep. 'Night.




When you said driving to occasions. I have drove to friends who have been drinking and still asked Oh just have one. It really disappoints me.


Yeah, honestly I am not sure I can continue to read on since she believes ulcers are caused by stress - we have known for a while they are caused by H. pylori bacteria, thanks in part to a wacky scientist infecting himself with it. Probably worth the Nobel prize.


Yeah, the science in her book is really suspect. For example, she wrote that drinking raises blood pressure, and also that it physiologically does NOT relax you. The opposite is true. Alcohol decreases heart rate, which is physiologically relaxing. It also dilates blood vessels. Those two facts combined suggest that, if anything, alcohol decreases blood pressure.

That kind of stuff bothered me.


I know exactly what you are talking about. She invented “moderation management,” wrote that book, ended up in and out of AA, made a public statement that she renounced moderation management, then everything else you said above. They talk about it in my favorite podcast a lot. So crazy!


I agree, I do not like her suggestion that it’s possible to learn to moderate. In a episode of her podcast she does clarify that this is very rare, but I think it sends a weird mixed message in her book. Most people who pick up this book are probably past the stage where moderating their drinking is even possible–people who aren’t alcoholics probably aren’t seeking out books on how to quit drinking! And i think most everyone on this forum has tried to moderate, personally i have tried dozens if not hundreds of times. It doesn’t work if you’re addicted to alcohol. Once a cucumber becomes a pickle, it can never go back to being a cucumber. :wink:


“Once a cucumber becomes a pickle…” Perfect analogy. I would also give the book a 2. Her science is shoddy and used to make some generalizations that rankled me. Her information about marketing was illuminating and helps me to be more aware of how prevalent that fake ideal of alcohol is. The societal implications and normalization made me felt like I’ve been duped for 40 years. Doh!


I haven’t read this book yet, our library doesn’t have it. But reading this thread, I doubt I’d get anything from it. It’s good to know others out there look at the science behind addiction, a very good to point out flawed science. It can only make the problem worse.
@Serenity412 I haven’t heard that in ages!:rofl:


I tried to take what I could from the book, and just ignore the science parts. I think she makes some good points, and I tried to soak those in while keeping my blood pressure in check (the science and the referencing drove me crazy).


Since Right Now. Sooooo goooooood!


I did get a lot out of the book, not the science part but just the way that alcohol is marketed and how we are inundated with messages our whole lives about how relaxing and fun and necessary it is. It did really resonate with me in that sense and helped to make me more aware. I would still say it’s worth reading.
Yes the pickle/cucumber thing makes me smile :joy:


Just started listening to this one, they’re great and so funny!


They really are! I heard all the episodes from this year and have been listening from the beginning. Haha, I’m like halfway through the massive amount. I found them because they did one with Sarah Hepola and I wanted to hear her after finishing her book.


I just got this book about a week and a half ago…and I love it. Believe or not it is making me want to drink less and consciously think about my health.