Truth and tough love


Yeah, it depends. If we finish the room early sometimes they invite “double dipping” before we call it a night and just hang out till time.

Even then, usually no one raises their hand, lol. Except maybe a timer adding something to a book study.


In My home Group the first speakerit gets ten minutes. The rest of the Time is divided to the rest. And a clock rings when your Time is up. No second round
Edit: our meetings are two hours long


Ah thanks for the clarification!


Please tell me again how Kratom is soooo safe and such a miracle drug…


Kratom isn’t sober. Tough shit.


If someone who has addiction problems is telling me that pot or kratom or some other substance is a safe alternative, I must consider the source and their history of risk assessment previous to their current assertion.

Them: “Use Kratom or smoke weed to help with your addiction”

Me: “Dude, you are drug addict. Why would I take this sort of advice from you? That’d be like taking investment advice from Bernie Madoff.”



If you can’t handle the break-up then you shouldn’t be in a relationship. I’ve seen plenty of people here rush in to relationships for all sorts of stupid reasons. Then it doesn’t work out and they either relapse or come back here all mentally fucked up.

A relationship won’t keep you sober, no matter how much you feel like you need the validation.


So you’re not powerless over alcohol? Tell me all about your last blackout. Oh you can’t remember, hmmmm.


I was told I stole my buddy’s candy bar, which wouldn’t have been a big deal, except it was the last food we had and all our money went to drugs…


Candy thieving bastard.


I think many think get in a relationship to refocus on a new life. In the end you may distract urself some but when misery comes you have no experience in dealing with emotions. Let alone all the irritation,anxiety,depression that your going through while detoxing. This is why figuring out yourself and building your life and career first is recommended. During that time you will go through the cycle of the lows and highs of life and handle them. Then when you have handled that you can try adding another lane to your life. No need to rush it… I know being alone sucks sometimes but it could always be worse.


I remember being in active addiction and reaching important dates or turning points in my life. Things like aging to an important number, moving, or other things like that. I would say, this is a new life. I will never use again because im a new person.

That was crap, of course. Rob, you ain’t a different person! You’re the same addict youve always been, a year older in a new location. It always ended the same, relapse. You wont change until you take the addiction seriously and actively work on it every day. Time and circumstances wont change things, onky you can change things.


Remember how stupid I was around this time last year? Thankfully I didn’t get myself in too much trouble.



Here’s a bit of truth I frequently tell myself: I know I have another bender in me. I just don’t know if I have another quit in me. Not willing to play those odds with even one drink, when the stakes are losing everything.


If you have problems everywhere you go, then you are the problem.

I have a friend on Facebook (sometimes sober) and no matter what job he has it seems like there’s a problem with the boss, the pay, etc. Every month, every employer, always a problem. I just want to be like bro, the problem is definitely you. No one has that many terrible jobs and bosses in a row.


Yeah, you always have to try and figure out the common denominator…sometimes it’s yourself.


Like my Gramps used to say: If you run with the wrong crowd, you are the wrong crowd.


I’ve been the common denominator several times before, sad to say.