Truth and tough love


If you are ready to get sober and are willing to go to any lengths to get sober this is the thread. There will be no hugs and you got this speeches here. I don’t have it and neither do you. This is a life-long battle. Get over it.

Our experience, strength and hope will be shared the way received. Straight-forward and by the book. Relapse isn’t a part of recovery. It’s a path to death. The only part that is ok about relapsing is coming back. I know, bc I’ve done it. Just because I don’t have this, and never will, doesn’t mean that I don’t have some tricks I’ve learned along the way.

If you are overly sensitive this thread isn’t for you.


Great thread. And please folks, don’t come in to argue a silly point of “having this”. I’d like to see this thread help people that need someone to cut the shit. No bullshit. Because you can’t bullshit a bullshitter


Lord knows we’ve tried!


The second I have this, is the second before I’m drinking


Hence the disclaimer lol.


Did you even read the OP lol.


In theory. I can only share advice the way it was given to me.

That whole “everyone needs it tailored to fit them bc everyone is different is bullshit”. Us alcoholics are all the same. If it works for one alcoholic it can work for them all if they are willing to do it.

Terminal uniqueness has sent many an alcoholic back out.


When I was ready to drink or murder someone the other day, my sponsor made me pray for them. Then we talked about how I was to blame. It worked. I was pissed, but it worked.


So then you assume we’ll just be dicks for being dicks sake. Lol. Keep it moving.


I don’t think I am being a dick


Me niether. But everyone has their opinion. Hence the disclaimer.


To paraphrase the great (and probable alcoholic) character Dr. Cox from the show Scrubs: I love this thread idea so much I want to have sex with it.

Its a great no nonsense idea and part of what I like so much about this app so far. I can get the type of advice, counsel, or answers I’m seeking when I need a swift kick in the ass. It won’t be what I need all the time, but I’m glad it’s here.


I’m not being a smartass and if I’m overstepping say so, but as someone who has yet to go to my first F2F meeting, how is praying for someone youre angry at supposed to help? Is it meant as a reflective thing or to see where your anger is truly coming from?


I just messaged you this and realized maybe I should just ask in case others had the same question…

Am I going to get stabbed or ripped to shreds for asking this question? Just curious as to why you think relapsing (for alcohol in my case) isn’t apart of recovery? I’ve relapsed twice since September and have learned a great deal from it. My case isn’t the same as yours and I know you don’t want it to be for anyone else, but here I am stopping it from getting that far. I’ve had a few slips along the way. Am I missing something here?


Praying for someone I’m irked at helps me let go of a lot of my resentment towards them. Helps try to truly put myself in their shoes.

Resentments are key offenders, they drag you down.


That helps, thank you. I’m still putting all this together and trying to learn. Appreciate the explanation.


I’m probably too new to even say anything but what I got from the OP was that relapsing shouldn’t be included as part of the plan of recovery, but, relapse can happen and if it has the positive aspect of learning new things about your particular situation and you come back to your recovery then it served a positive purpose. I may be wrong though, as again, I’m very new


Ah gotcha.


Most have relapsed. Many times. It takes what it takes for all of us to get here. But the phrase “relapse is a part of recovery” gets thrown around like a relapse is no big deal. If it’s no big deal then no one can possibly learn from said relapse.

I cand speak for Derek, but that’s why the phrase bothers me.


Praying= positive thinking and action
Hating= resentment
Resentment = a bottle or a gun in your hand