Truth and tough love


You mean he’s the wind beneath your wings? Wow!

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That was my point exactly. Guess there was some confusion. I’ll be more specific with my posts. Misunderstandings are easy online.

I’m gonna go with Stevie’s post for what is best.

My intention was to point out that people like cult leaders and religious extremists have success in using their absolute conviction in their beliefs to recruit people that are looking for answers. They prey on desparate people who need someone charismatic to tell them what to do with their lives. That’s where my mistrust comes from.

I don’t think anyone really knows whats going on. If you think you do, kudos. You win!! I think the true meaning is mystery!


Yes, again, that’s what I was trying to say. I’ll be more specific next time. I suck at social media. Still getting used to online posting. I don’t use facebook or anything besides this app.

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Very wise. I don’t use social media, either. The only exception being this app and linkedin for career stuff.

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Yeah, I prefer talking with people in “real life” 100% of the time. I thought this article about technology, cell phones, social media was eye opening.

If the people making this stuff don’t want their kids around it, maybe it’s not so good for their health.


My daughter doesn’t do social media either. She does have screen time, her video games and youtubes. She plays online with her school friends. Really there’s no total escape from it. Even some of her schoolwork is online discussion groups and such. Sociologists have dubbed her generation “Digital Natives”, as they’re the first generation who have lived their entire lives in a “connected” world.


I agree, the pope is a dangerous dude…but then I need there to be freedom of belief and speech so that I can have mine and pope can have his…unless we have that it’s a pretty fascist world…I believe Stalin tried this a while ago, and it didn’t end so pretty.
And for the meaning for life itself…I’m a grateful nihilist. To me life just is…but it doesn’t stop me from making my life meaningful

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That’s a good way to go. I think it would be foolish to not become comfortable with technolgy, and that it’s important to put time into understanding it. Like you said, high tech is here for the long term, there’s no escaping it.


I’m all for for freedom of beliefs too. I don’t agree with with many people’s beliefs, but I will respect them as long as they respect me.

I have Christian friends who I think are incredibly intelligent people, smarter than I’ll ever be. I respect their faith, and how they choose to live their lives. They’ve done more in their communities and lives helping others than I ever will. I think those are very positive things. Same with Muslims and Buddhists, etc. I’ve met the bad ones too, fortunately there are a lot fewer of them.

It’s also true that religious people find a lot of meaning in their faith, and that a strong faith contributes to mental well being.

I have a real problem though with people who use faith and belief systems to exploit others for their own gain. Like faith healers, that collect money. Why don’t they visit a burn ward at a hospial? They’ll just say that’s not how it works and make up some crazy shit. Or people that recruit suicide bombers to kill innocent people, by saying that’s what god wants. That’s what I was trying to get at. If there is a hell, they deserve the VIP section.

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Ha ha ha. My daughter has lately become obsessed with pictures of doggy butts. I’ll have to show her this one.





I dont understand this one (havent learned the steps yet), could you open it a bit?


Except there are some people I’d love to hear share over and over and over again. There are, however, some people that I never want to hear share even once because they ramble on and on. But that’s my selfishness…”what can I get from you and your share tonight?” Doh.


Generally a person only shares once at a meeting. I’ve been to meetings where one person shares multiple times. It’s an ego thing.


Do all meetings say not to share a second time until everyone has gone once? The ones I’ve been to do. But sometimes not everyone shares and there is just silence because no one dares go a second time. LOL

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I LOVE silence at a meeting. Meditation time…


If everyone shares we end early. At least in the Syracuse area. If it’s a small meeting (under 10) people will share for a little bit longer than the typical 3 minutes. Group conscience can dictate that everyone shares twice at small meetings too