Trying to stay clean but I'm getting worried

Im new to this so please bear with me. I decided to get clean on 4/22 but on 5/10 I had a relapse & I’ve been clean since that day it’s been a little tough but I’ve managed. Just when everything is going the way it should, BAM, life slaps me across my face as if it were telling me NOPE guess again! I’m going thru something that has me on a tight budget & struggling to make ends meet. Yesterday around 5 PM after I got some news that threw my plans off course, I started to feel those cravings again chills from head to toe mouth watering heaving breathing heart racing & sweating like I had a fever. My wife started to worry & it hurts me to see her that way. She did all that is in her power to talk to me & get my mind off that but it’s not easy. I dont want to go back to that, I want to stay sober. I don’t want to let her down. She doesn’t deserve that disappointment.


Just remember… you cant fix or remove any of your problems with drinking or drug use. All that will do is prolong the problem or make it worse.

Your coping mechanism for problems has been drinking and/or using. Now you must relearn how to deal with issues head on without drugs or alcohol. It will be tough in the beginning but you will gain skills and confidence to deal with issues if you continue to face them sober.

Stay the course my friend.


Welcome C.Flores, you’re a member of a great support system now. There are plenty of threads on here dedicated to discussing daily struggles and checking in daily for accountability.

What has helped me and several others I know push through the cravings and physical reactions (that aren’t doctor serious, because if they are, most definitely visit the hospital) is the thought that the symptoms, side-effects, and frustrations are temporary and necessary to your recovery.

Its in the hardest moments our strength is revealed to us. I can tell you’re a strong individual, and I know you can make it through this. If you want to be sober, you can be, and you will be. But it requires a daily commitment and a reevaluation of what those feelings of cravings mean to your life moving forward. Are they a temptation to slide backward, or are they the sign you’re moving forward in your goal?

Best wishes, keep checking in! I look forward to seeing you around the forum.


Hello and welcome!
Use this app, use every ince of it!!
It’s a great tool! Learn about your addiction and how to stay sober, you all can find it here! Use the search bar above :mag: to type in the subject you are looking for.
If you need help or advice? Ask! There is allways someone around!
Cravings come and go. It helps me to know that. When I have them I try to distract myself. In the beginning a walked a lot in nature. Music in my ears and go!
But I’m also a lot here if I have a bad day, it helps!!
Today I’m 256 days sober. I’m here every day since.

Hope to see you around often! :heart:


@C.Flores Welcome
You’re in the right place to get help and support. This is a turning point in your life. Check in here often for help to get thru these times. You can do it. Just one day at a time, or one breath at a time. Take care:unicorn:

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Thanks a lot you guys. It feels great to know someone understands me. I feel a little better but still cant seem to fall asleep, to much on my mind.

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Nice perspective flip there, love it!


Hi and welcome :wave::blush:

I’m sure you know this but if you’re on a tight budget the last thing you need to do is blow a chunk of cash on a relapse. When you sober up you’ll be on a tighter budget, more stressed, and hungover/coming down/dealing with whatever consequences come with picking up. I.e. it is just not worth it!

There are some really good links to some threads for newcomers in the Frequently Asked Questions - check them out! We’ve all got different backgrounds and lives but we’ve got so much in common too, I’m sure you’ll find lots you an relate to. Read, check in often and reach out whenever you need to.


Yes you have a point, I definitely dont want to waste on that bull crap. But the good news is I start a new job tomorrow with my dad at his company & I know that being around him will help alot. I appreciate all of your guy’s help I really do. Well I’m starting to feel a little sleepy so I’m off to bed lol I’ll check in tomorrow or should I say later on lol thanks everyone!:blush:


Good luck with the new job.

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Welcome Christopher! Glad to have you among us.

New job is just what you need and will keep you busy right now. Just think of how much more flush you’ll be w/o using. Your debt will be history and that alone will improve your life and relationship with wife. You can get thru this most difficult part by distracting your mind and body with healthier choices. Do it buddy.:+1:

I heard a good quote yesterday,

“So no matter how challenging this moment is, accept it as if you had chosen it”

Let that sink in for a moment.

You have the power!