Trying to stay clean

This is harder than I ever thought

Any advice?

I’m the same, I’m on day 8 and I’m finding it so hard, but what I have done is get rid of everything out my house so I’m not tempted. I’ve also started going to the gym just to occupy myself and to keep me distracted. I’m just taking each day as it comes.

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@Danfabian, @Cez The best advice I can give you, after 11 mths. Clean is to keep your hands busy then your mind will follow.
Your mind is a devil’s workshop. Stay away from people, places, and things, that you’re used to hanging out with. And go to a meeting an NA where other X addicts are. You will find they’re very friendly and very welcoming, and that’s where you need to be believe me I know. Good luck and I’ll pray for you. And you need to look to your higher power for strength and remember to thank him for the days that you’ve already accomplished of being clean and he’ll give you another day.:hugs::pray::purple_heart: