Typical Aussie Drinker, trying to accept that I am different

Today was a tough day. No reason. Just down, restless, felt somewhere in between breaking or exploding. By 4.00pm I was fantasising about beer.

19 days since my last drink. Crashed a car. Lucky not to have been killed or have killed someone else. Realised that sometimes (often, well mostly) when I drink I do not make rational decisions. Can be after one drink when that fuzzy buzz starts to make everything feel better.

I have been going to AA twice a week since. Found a steps group who just happened to be doing step 1 the night I walked in.

Anyways. Just thought I’d put something up and see if I can’t make a contact or two to help through the dark days.


Well done on your decision to stop drinking. You are very brave to admit that it’s time to reach out for help. AA sounds great for you, and this site is amazing for support so I’d advise to check in every day if you can, read posts or share. We are all in the same position and here to support each other.
Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Talking Sober, Farmer. There is a lot here to redirect your drinking thoughts, lots of experience to lean on.

One place you can start is here:

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey.


Welcome! You might not be like normal drinkers, but you are like all of us here! Keep adding those sober days. It does get easier, and life is absolutely fantastic sober!

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Congratulations on 19 days, and getting ur butt on a seat in a meeting. Sometimes when I crave that first drink, I remind myself that controlling myself once a drink is in me is impossible, with zero drinks in me it may be hard, but I can. So glad u didn’t hurt urself or another in the crash.

I’m hoping I’ve managed to add the link properly…

We may have a large drinking culture but we also have a large recovery scene, not sure where you are located but there is quite a few fellows Aussie’s :australia:

Stick around :pray:

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Welcome mate. Good on you for making this decision! It’s gonna lead to good things :slightly_smiling_face: being here and attending AA meetings shows how much courage you have! Revel it that, because it certainly takes a whole lotta courage to do what we’re doing. Admitting our problem with alcohol and actively doing what it takes to get and be better! It’s awesome and your life will no doubt start changing for the better!

28 days sober. My kids made me a sobriety chip.

Feeling OK without grog. The old black dog is hanging around atm. Everything seems like a huge effort even little things. Make a little list and tick of a task one at a time. Don’t try and think beyond the task at hand.

Hope everyone has a great day.