Using dxm/ cold medicine. NOT ME! JUST HAVE QUESTIONS

A friend of mine had started using dxm, what is it? I’m a recovering alcoholic as is she but she’s using this stuff in place of alcohol and I have no idea what it is. I googled it and all I find is cold medicine. WTF? Anyone have experience with this. Should I be concerned?

You’re right. That’s what it is.

If dxm stands for dextromethorphin it is a cough suppressant

I’ve no experience but abuse of this is concerning. It can fuck up your liver pretty good.

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What @Dasindog said. If you mean the cold medicine, abusing it (not using it as prescribed) is not a great idea as I understand it. Particularly long term.

Abusing cold medicine isn’t so uncommon, I say from experience… at my worst I’d down whatever was around to get the job done.

Just like i seen sold in a gas station the other day legal “lean” . People are also mixing it in alcohol as well. Or in the 90’s was a sizzzurp!

I used to do triple C’s and DXM. Looking back it was not a pleasant experience.

I “overdosed” on robotussin once… never again! horrible hallucinations… puking… thought I was gonna die. eff that stuff!

Yuuuuukkk! Way back when, that was a key component of “draaank”. Ugh. Purple drank spread south to northeast where I grew up, harvesting my classmates as it traveled.

“Either I’m high or I’m nuts , cus if you ain’t tilting this room neither am I”

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I have been taking two Aleve PMs at night to assist with sleep. Works really well too. I remember trying to take it when I was drinking and it didn’t work or at least I don’t think it worked. I usually just blacked out so it may have I simply dont have any recollection of it working.

Hey I’d consider just taking a benadryl. Aleve and Tylenol pm is naproxen (aleve) and acetaminophen (tylenol) + diphenhydramine (benadryl). Long term naproxen contributes to kidney failure and stomach ulcers where tylenol contributes to liver failure. Since only the diphenhydramine causes sleepiness theres no need for the pain reliever (unless pain is a contributing factor, then talk to your doc). Now another interesting point is that the tolerance to benadryl grows fast. It’s not harmful, but may become less effective over time. I take 2.5 mg of melatonin each night and sleep like a baby.

also dxm itself has been shown to NOT affect the liver. think before you speak.

honestly you should talk to them and see if they are ready to stop. if they arent you should tell them to use products with ONLY dextromethorphan as a active ingredient. as well as this suggest to them they should follow the guidline “week per plateau” (they can look it up). They should totally get sober especially if they want to, this is just some very useful harm reduction information to give them if they choose to keep using.

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Actually, it does damage the liver. Here’s one link, maybe I should find some more. I know at 16 you think you know everything. We all do at your age. But maybe you should do some research before opening your mouth.


Lol I’m walking proof dxm causes liver damage-I have liver cirrhosis not only caused by abusing alcohol and adderall but liquid Tylenol and cough medications. Shit will fuck you up.


Yeah thats not liver damage from dxm, your liver damage is solely from the acetaminophen in the product you were using.

Keyword CHRONIC use. Dxm is not neurotoxic or heptatoxic on its own. The liver damage that you could get from it anyways (which is pretty rare) is more from the additives in the syrup. I said dxm alone doesnt, but if you are using it chronically enough for it to even do liver damage you definitely have other things to worry about…