Using naltrexone


Has anyone heard of it? Is anyone on it or is it just me? It has helped big time in reducing my cravings.


I’m actually getting ready to start taking it next week. I’m looking forward to it.


There are a few threads on here about Naltrexone/ Vivitrol …you can use the search to find them.


I was on vivitrol for like 7 months. I didn’t really have cravings so I’m assuming it worked.


I’m excited


When you get the shot it helps to rub the area where it was injected to help break it up. Also, walking will help with the pain. The pain is pretty minor all things considered.


I gotta think it’s better than detoxing off heroin or oxy lol but I know what your saying. For my crohns for a good year or 2 I got iron shots in the ass


I was on naltrexone for a few months. it really helped with the cravings. I took a pillonce a day. I did however try not taking it one day and drinking the next. OMG!! Do not drink while your taking it. Hope it works as well for you as it did me.


I don’t drink but I read that about it and it being good for drinking and opiates


@SpookyLady41 @goBlue24 Naltrexone did not work for me. I tried the “have a pill one hour before drinking” method, based on some YouTube videos. Did not work. After a couple of months I just gave up and went back to drinking as usual. Hope it helps you.


I am taking it now and find it lessens my cravings. It isn’t some miracle, and I still think about alcohol plenty but I don’t find myself craving, wanting, needing it.


Yeah…I’m not keen on The Sinclair Method. Simply not feeling buzzed would not have me drink less. I would probably drink MORE trying to get buzzed and then end up with alcohol poisoning.

But it sounds like it can be used for other things with good results. For that reason I try not to dismiss the use.


I have been taking it for over a year now. I view it as a tool. It isnt the only thing that has kept me sober but it has helped. I take a daily pill.


My doctor prescribed Chlordiazepoxide. It makes me drowsy but the cravings are gone. Totally gone. I am on day 9 now. I am supposed to cut down the dosage gradually, since the medication is addictive too.


Maybe the reason it didn’t work is because you were taking a prescription medication under the advice of Youtube and not a doctor? Naltrexone is most effective when taken daily so it has a chance to build up in your system. Personally I feel that the shot is more effective because once it’s in there you don’t have the option of not taking it for the next 30 days.


I’m going and getting the shots. I have heard they work better but I haven’t started yet. Hopefully next week. Mine is also for opiates.


I literally just started this medication tonight …so im right there with ya …not quite sure what to expect


Yes, as a benzodiazepine, chlordiazepoxide/Librium acts in the same way alcohol does by stimulating the GABA receptor in the brain, and can be just as addictive and harmful if not used under the supervision of a prescribing medical professional for short term detox tapering. Ativan is another common detox taper medication.