Vacation anyone?

There’s a YPAA campout in Hawaii February 1-3 on the big island. I think we are getting a group together from Syracuse to go. If anyone else is interested let me know and I can get you the details.

Cost is $45 for the camping and meals. Flight and everything else is up to you.

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Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Cool, which side? Hopefully the lava won’t be an issue by then.

Umm. Hopefully not the lava side

Sounds stellar!! Yes, hopefully not the hot side.

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Ohh…that sounds wonderful…

I would like for you all to join me

Round trip flights from Portland are only around $400, cheaper than I thought they’d be :thinking:


That’s where all my pictures you liked so much were from :slight_smile:

I visited the valvano too… it was much less active at that time lol

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I think I am aged out of the YPAA criteria. And ouch my back re camping! :rofl:


No age limit. Open to all, all are welcome!

Ohhhh…maybe I’ll book a one way ticket and I won’t look back :joy::joy:


I should be able to fly Southwest by then. I might actually be able to afford it lol

It cost me over 1,200 round trip last time I went… I did however fly there on Christmas and Back new years day.

I wonder when they’ll start offering that :thinking:

Even for a old scotsguy pensioner lol


Would love to visit Hawaii. Have fun guys :sunglasses:

They would probably want you to speak lol. But you are definitely invited!

Try O’Hare and Midway

By camping, you mean staying at like a 1 star hotel or the no-tell motel, right?

Tent, hopefully by the beach