Wake up. It's Game Day!

If you’re a college football fan, this thread is dedicated to sober Saturday game day fun!

I wanna know all the things. Who’s your team? Favorite players? What are you eating? What are you wearing? Where you watching? Traditions? Predictions? Etc, Etc… :football::facepunch::football:


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I have two teams, FSU and NCSU. I don’t have any favorite players yet. I’m watching at my apartment. The NCSU one got cancelled because of the hurricane :confused:

My boom post is supposed 2b a pic for a free papa John’s pizza. I’ll try again

I am a long suffering UNLV football fan. Game is at 7 pm tonight we are playing Prairie View A&M. I will be picking my father in law up at 3 pm then headed to Sam Boyd stadium. This week we are having hot dogs, brats,and hamburgers.

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It worked on your boom post and your new post. I see free papa johns pizza

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Thx. Not showing up in my feed.

I like to order extra cheese, pineapple and jalapeno. I’m sweet n spicy lol

Bring on the LSU at Auburn game. Later, gonna be watching Alabama vs. Ole Miss and Ohio State vs. TCU.

Watching at home. I want LSU and TCU to win. Obviously want Alabama to win. This talk about Ole Miss being a threat is ridonculous imo.

Auburn LSU is gonna be crazy physical. Lurve watching smash-mouth football.

Hubs will be watching Buckeyes elsewhere. :raised_hands: #HouseDivided

Cuse is crushing fsu right now

:shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face: let’s not talk about that right now :sob::sob:

Oh we are going to talk about it lol

Just give me 6 more minutes, then I will officially lose all hope :joy:

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Yup. Who is it on here that hates on AL, cuz hes a Syracuse fan? Was it you?

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I hate on everyone. Nick saban eats babies

@Englishd @beyondmythoughts yall are funny

I gotta go to the Walmartzz aka Hades. Wish me luck.

Wanna make a dip. Decisions, decisions about what kind.

Saban eats the competition… never gets full. saw something where he was kidding about not getting a cookie at some event & craving an oatmeal cream pie.
Random question: have you eaten or even heard of a moon pie?

Yes. I have eaten one.

Also Syracuse-30 Florida State-trash

:joy::joy: I’m just happy we didn’t end the game with 0…it’s going to be a long season! Y’all destroyed us though!