We need to laugh. Make it happen


Idk about y’all, but when I’m driving, I am “the” dancing in the car superstar. Music on blast. Singing. Helps me decompress.

Guy in video at link below almost…i mean almost…comes close 2 my level of skillz. If u don’t laugh, check your pulse. Pls share funny stuff here. Anything. Laughter is good medicine for me. You? I hope the link works. If not, I’ll try to repost it.

Soooooo freaking bored

YouTube “people falling down”. I love it!!!


Only got 3.5 minutes into it. Hubs sleeping. Had 2 stop it cuz I was trying to keep my laughter quiet but I still almost woke him up. Chick who missed her lift n broke the windows was hilarious. I almost shattered sheet rock once like that. Eek. Dude getting kicked in face by horse… he kinda deserved it. Ouch.


Googling “funny cats” or “funny dogs”…heck, even funny animals, gets me everytime! :laughing:


Footage likely from somewhere in Alabama. We sorta, kinda get fired up about football… :joy:



No squirrels were harmed here, if you don’t count their dignity.


Ahem, I am still not a hippie just because I like to watch yogis fall down and listen to amusing breast pumping locations. @Bill_Phillips


“Hold on, I’m doing my kegel exercises”, LOL :joy:


The last one was the best one. He kept screaming louder n louder and when he pulled up his clothing 2get a better stride I died. I am deceased. :coffin:


I have fallen off a treadmill… The scab on my shoulder was epic. The lesson? Learn how to turn it off before you need to do something like, I dunno, tie a show that came loose while running…


Right?!? lmfao. I sent it to my friend who will does all of that and then some. At least she has a sense of humor about it.


I loathe squirrels. Fluffy tailed rodents r everywhere around here. Heebs!


The Yoga video inspires me to want to try it and record it so perhaps it could go viral, I get famous and make lots of money. Then, I could sit around and drink seltzer water that someone made for my from my natural spring surrounding my castle, and my servant makes herbal remedies in his/her medicine ball while inhaling patchouli, lavender and orange blossom oils, eating kale chips and practicing my butt kegals for smoother bowel movements. Lastly, finishing my day alphabetizing my thousands of Dead bootlegs :slight_smile: :wink: :slight_smile:


Omg, rotflmao… I like Kale Chips… I also like to do yoga and laugh about what happened when I tried. It is never graceful. Ever. But I also like kettlebell and running, so I’m not a hippie.

And to share some other funniest. This guys channel is full of great stuff but it might push some of our nofappers over the edge so only go to his channel if that isn’t your issue. Girls eating popcicles on pool float toys to classical music and what guys see when sheep are attractive to them… so, so funny. Here is a relatively clean one.


“I might eat my placenta, or I might not.” – Listen. I have 2 children. I think i threw up a little in my mouth after that comment. Disturbingly curious about it tho, so might Google if some women really eat placenta. My gawd. I can’t even stand that word. :face_vomiting:


Hahahahah :joy: the accompanied music was so appropriate!


I kid u not. I had a friend hop on an escalator wearing a floor length, knit skirt. The skirt got caught in the elevator AND YANKED IT OFF. She had to literally run out of Macy’s, to her car, in her panties. :joy:


I know. It is a thing. When you Google (even though I am going to talk about blasphemy and recommend the Kardashians) the Kardashians have a pretty amusing video about her feeding her extended family her placenta.

My birth board has the better idea to plant a berry bush on top of a buried placenta and then put the placenta berries as decorations on the child’s birthday cake frosting every year. :grin:


The firehouse one was my favorite.