We need to laugh. Make it happen


Remember going so high you’d get slack in the chains and kinda free fall for a second?? Yaaass!



I would do that :smiley:


I’m totally guilty of wearing them until they are shredded rags :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: Seinfeld even had a bit about it.


It begins…


Good to know its not just Americans that freak out


Ahaha no, we Germans are good at this too. I grew up with much snow, I even learned how to drive a car in deepest winter. But here in this area I live now snow is rare. And when there is a little snow or ice ppl freak out…


Same in the uk. Snow gets forecast and suddenly the shelves are empty of bread and milk!! :grin:


Too right, I’m hoping for snow, they have amazing snow drifts up your way, I remember driving from Gloucester to Pershore through the country roads. Amazing


We live at the bottom of bredon hill got a great sledging hill 5 minutes walk away.
Though you try getting the kids to walk it when there’s no snow? :joy:


The hills aren’t even that bad by you, not as if your asking them to walk malvern hills :joy:, my boys have already done that walk. I’m from Wales and damn there are hills there :joy:


Yes there are! We’ve done some walking in the Brecons and the wife and I did Snowdon earlier this year. We’ve also done half of Ben Nevis, but with a blind dog, which is why we didn’t finish it


Amazing, I’ve done brecon becons, I’d love to attempt Ben nevis but it’s been a while since I hiked anywhere,


This is so … lol






My boy while I was making us dinner. I feel we’ve all had a photo or two flipping the camera the bird while passed out.