Weightloss CHECK IN : dont give up 2

Thank you :kissing_heart: xx


Still chugging along… Not sure where I was last time I posted but I’m back up a bit to 154. I’ve been logging everything but going over often. Kind of in a rut.


WEEK 13 : 11st 11lb [+1lb, total: -10lb]



197.4 lbs :monkey_face::penguin:


Hi everyone, new to this thread. I started February 1st

My goal is to lose about 17lbs total (random number I know)

Weighed in this morning …


I give up.
Up like 4lbs from 2 weeks ago. This is ridiculous.

I’m ready to punch something.



Don’t give up. So my best friend and I started at the same time. I’m doing 1200 calories a day and not much working out other than a few pushups and walking … she’s been doing very serious work outs and eating healthy. She hasn’t lost anything weight wise… but she took measurements and has lost around her waist etc . Muscle weighs more than fat (I think, pretty sure that’s accurate)


I hear you. I recently gave up sugar and GAINED 6 pounds. Everyone says this is impossible. I managed.

Its taking me back to my source. I believe that I probably really don’t know how to feed myself and that by removing processed junk I was taking in actual calories. I don’t know a fix especially an easy fix but I do know that giving up isn’t the right call.

Learn to rest, not quit. Try to find some grace for yourself today. Your body might be re-adjusting from the calories you were taking in when you were drinking.


Down 1lb this week. Slow and steady wins the race!! Id like to lose atleast 8 more lbs. My therapist and trainers goal for me is to be comfortable in a bikini. :grimacing:

Im just coming off a serious weightloss goal with a deadline so i think im gonna leave this goal open ended for now. May change but for now…consistency and healthy eating/workouts for the win


Aw man! That sounds unbelievably frustrating. It sucks when you’re doing everything right and still not seeing any movement on the scales.

Just a quick thing I noticed, you mentioned doing lots of strenght training and heavy lifting. Could it be that you’re just gaining muscle weight?


I’m down to my lowest weight since before 2020. And about a 1.5 lbs from my current goal.


Thanks Amy,
Yeah it is. Been pretty consistent with food and training for past month. So not moving and even gaining is blah :confused:, but it is what it is.
As to muscle over fat, perhaps a bit but muscle doesn’t usually build as fast as fat loss, but again, we’ll keep trudging on.
Been three sessions of weight training per week past month, going to up it to 4 sessions this and next week. Wife leaves for Mexico for 3 weeks after that so will increase to 5 sessions per week while she’s gone, and see where I’m at end of March. I’m going to dial everything in tight during that period.
Trying to get some muscle tone in by the time we start up our landscape business in May. Then hit hard for summer.