What are some things that keep you motivated to not drink?

Watching my son learn new things everyday is the greatest joy.
Being able to provide for him
My boyfriend that had very supportive of my Soberity


Performing good at my education is impotent for me and I can only do so if I stay sober.


Oddly enough, the timer on this community site! I refuse to restart it!


Witnessing the triumphs of those in my sober fellowships. Through them, recognizing the change they have brought in me.


What keeps me going is if I were to quit now, I’ll end up right back where I first began. When I first began I was desperate to be where I am now. (Which is two hours shy of 13 days)


ME ME ME ME ME ME. I want to be me not him. He’s a miserable, useless, selfish, unfaithful, lying son of a bitch.


Very good advice. Surely those who’ve done at least 50 or more days and give us some inspiration … ?

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I have a little over 600 days, I stay sober for SO many reasons and I remind myself of them daily.

But I have a few that might not be mentioned but are probably common. One of them is actually habit. I’m used to it. Life is easier and I get more things done. My routine doesn’t revolve around it and I enjoy not planning my whole life around when I’ll be able to drink.

Also another one that might not be mentioned-my ego/pride. I know, I know. Not the best one, but honestly I don’t want to go back to day one… (However if I did relapse I would be proud of myself that I started over again). I like my days. I earned my days and no one can take them away but myself.


Ohhh, that’s real good. :+1:


My future is at stake. I’m going back to school for something that I truly want to pursue. My health has been consistently good in the last 9 months. My head is much clearer. I want to keep it that way. Right now, in my first year, I’m trying to be good to myself. Its pretty good motivation for me :slight_smile:


My main motivation is my future. To get to where I want to be, and also to have a family one day, it’s essential for me to be clean

SO good!! Thanks @Lionfish :clap::100:

Knowing that if I do drink I WILL regret it, I will suffer, greatly. anxiety and depression will be the consequence of my choice to drink again. Therefore, I will not choose it. I love my sober life! I love waking up feeling proud of myself. I love the courage and confidence I’ve found in sobriety. It’s too good to throw away, especially for an illusion of happiness. Happiness is ACTUALLY found in the practice of self-love, compassion and kindness… to ourselves and to others :pray::blush:

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Being able to pursue my goals, like painting and exercising, and freedom. Freedom from obsessive thoughts, compulsive behavior, illusions, anxiety. Freedom to experience my emotions the way they really are