What did Alcohol turn you into

I am a very shy person in normal circumstances but when i would drink i was like chippendale and would get all frisky and way open up. Did it make you mean,happy,funny,grumpy,dum,smart just wondering.


Alcohol (and drugs) turned me into a selfish and irresponsible person. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. I took from my family to feed my addiction. So glad I’m no longer that person. Sobriety has turned me back to a loving, caring, responsible and respectful person. A women of dignity and grace.


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I’ll piggyback the irresponsibility for sure. I’m alsofinding new ways to have fun. I was sure that the only way to have fun was with drinking. Boy was I wrong!! I also have feelings now, like real ones. Lol


It turned me into a helpless, hopeless suicidal mess. There hadn’t been any found drinking memories in years. Never forget that if you have the disease active addiction will not stop until it has taken everything if you let it.


Yup you perspective changes

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:+1:yes your brain goes from i to team.

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Especially in the later years drinking made me an ever worse version of myself, bringing out the bad sides of my character and personality ever stronger. Too shy to pick a fight sober I would when drunk, in a bar or at a party. While at the same time making me turn into myself ever more. Turn inward, become more depressed, isolate myself, trying to hide from my feelings, from my inability to form relationships, to live really.

In the end all I wanted was to die and stop the misery. But I found sobriety instead and am learning to live life now. And love it too. Never thought that was possible.


Great job you have done 4 yourself.:+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:


thank you for this prompt. drinking alcohol made me disrespectful, inconsiderate, & irresponsible. it made me trashy and promiscuous. it made me a liar and a creep. it made me selfish, self-loathing and depressed. alcohol turned me into a shadow. where was the person? she was cut off, trapped drowning in a cave made by obsessive delusion. i’m recovering her now, resuscitating her, learning to respect her life as it stands in service to righteousness. i don’t even recognize the shell i used to be, i don’t know that “person”. in fact that “person” was someone impossible - that was a non-person. that’s what alcohol turned me into. a non-person.


Lots of respect to you from reading this. What a great job you did 4 U. :+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:


Drugs turned me into someone i didnt even recognize. I worked the streets to feed my addiction, stole, lied, hurt people physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was a complete slave to the drugs i did. I was constantly “running” from myself… all the time. I hated who i was, i hated what i did for money, and i couldnt stand being in my own skin. I felt like a hollow shell of a human being. Drugs made me turn on myself and everyone who cared for me.

Today, being in recovery, i have gained more than i could have ever imagined! My life is a complete 180°. I am responsible, honest, and kind. I hold a legitimate job helping people. I am focused on others as opposed to being self consumed. Life is sooo good being clean and sober.


It made me lazy, bedridden thru choice, uninteresting, smelly and generally unhygienic.

Any benefits that you think it is giving you “bubbly and outgoing” for example, are rubbish. Even in a social situation it makes people sloppy and uninteresting.


Thats bad ass amazing turn around U must be so proud of yourself Great job.:+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:

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Yes as i watch people when i go to hockey games there is no self control when drinking to much. Glad yoy made it to the right side. I am working on it :+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:

At first it helped my social anxiety. Then it turned me into a slut. Then I became reckless with no regards for anyone’s safety (driving drunk daily). Lost tens of thousands of dollars bc of it. Lost the respect of everyone around me and didn’t even care. And finally I relied on it so much that when I didn’t have it I was bedridden with sickness and so depressed I thought death sounded like a good option. With the progression of my disease, it is literally life or death now. Black and white. Drink and die.


Well so glad you made the right dicision. Great job 4 yourself.:+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:


When i drink I get delusional, selfish, and irritable

My schizophrenia comes out when im drunk

When i smoke weed, i get delusional and self councious
I think everything i do is wrong and i also can’t correctly communicate.

When i smoke or drink im a weaker person

When im sober ibam completely clear headed


We have to know what makes us tick.

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Thief, vandalism, unfaithful, danger to myself, danger to others, dealer, homeless.