What did people do to curb cravings in early sobriety? I just hit 30 days 🥳

I’m a new member here, due to be 30 days sober tomorrow :partying_face:

This week I have been having really strong cravings, I was walking at least 5km every morning with my husband, but he started a new job and my kids have been off school with a cough the past two days so Iv not been able to get out.

I would love some ideas on how you all curbed your cravings?

I seem to be wanting chocolate a lot but then being an addict that could become a whole other problem in itself… :joy::joy:

Look forward to hearing your suggestions…


It’s not really a “craving” thing, but something to keep you occupied and keep your mind off the cravings is that there are a lot of great workout programs that you can do at home. Since it sounds like you can’t get out much for the time being.

Personally, I do Beach Body but you have to pay for that. If you don’t feel like spending money I believe there are some good free workouts you can follow on YouTube if you just look around :+1:

I’ve saved so much by not buying alcohol that it’s more than justifiable to subscribe to some workout programs and buy weights, etc.


Whatever it takes!
Usually just a change in whatever I was doing would work.
So if I was sat watching TV and I got a craving I would get up and clean the kitchen or just go upstairs.
I found the change was enough for my mind to change from cravings to actually thinking about what I was going to do.


I replaced with cherry sodas. i also went to therapy and did a lot of work on why I needed to drink and what was I escaping or masking and not dealing with. because the alcohol is just a symptom after all, and for me it was much easier to not drink when I was dealing with my shit.


Reading good books keeps me occupied. Also writing in my sober journal or workbook.


I went to a lot of AA meetings. That helped me from having cravings at all. A craving that doesn’t happen is the easiest to handle


Eating something sweet or drinking tea works for me as an immediate solution. Sport also helps a lot, when I couldn’t deal with my aggression I started boxing, but running is also a great way to loosen up, because you can do it whenever you need and it’s for free.
Also you have to know, what is the worst part of the day (for me evenings) be prepared in advance and occupy yourself.


Welcome and congrats on your 30 days coming up!

Honestly, I keep busy. Sometimes too busy. I do a lot of things that require me to move like cleaning gardening, exercising, etc., while listening to something that keeps my mind engaged. Sometimes that’s music, sometimes podcasts, sometimes news, sometimes books, etc. So I’m constantly completely engaged.

Also meditation. Everyday.


I agree with this. Became a mission not to drink and feel those feelings early on, to become comfortable in the uncomfortableness of them.

I to hit a lot of meetings as @Englishd suggested, it was really good medicine. I could walk in seeing red from the smallest thing, and feel the fire being extinguished during the preamble and readings.

Others mentioned hobbies and chores, they can buy you a few hours here and there, and that’s necessary. I have developed an extreme fondness for wood and woodworking in my sobriety, making things is sooo satisfying. Turning a 3 dollar picket fence board into a small chest for the kids, they can help sand it and paint it, personalize it.

Congrats on 30 days, all you gotta do is not drink TODAY.


Ha! I totally leaned into the chocolate like others before me. Rather have a few M&M’s than a bloody hangover. It did help and for me didn’t get too out of hand.

Good awareness, but first things first, I’d say. :blush:


yep! agreed.

now is the time to treat yourself to everything but booze. get a massage if you can or a pedicure. whatever it takes. probably be even on money and calories anyway!


Started chewing tobacco again. Then quit chewing tobacco again. Worked for me. Trade for less evil more manageable addiction. It was that or booze for me.


It’s only been 6 days for me, but I find that I’m watching a lot of Netflix and smoking way more than usual.


I drank a ton of sparkling water each afternoon into the evening when wifey and I would usually be starting the cocktails and then moving into wine. Lots and lots of sparkling water. And for awhile there I was using a nice wine glass. It’s just as good for you as drinking water. And I think subconsciously it gave my hands or hand something to hold and drink as a replacement. I still drink sparkling water but maybe not as much and hardly ever use a wine glass now.
Congratulations on your thirty days.
That’s terrific.


Um, I read the big book and lots of it. The personal stories helped a lot as well. And, eating a shit ton of food, walks, meetings and talking with others about this disease. It all helped in the first 3 months and set a schedule for me to wake up and remember, accept and smartly move through the day. Glad you’re here.


Read. Stay hydrated. Work out app/video when I couldnt get out of the house. Color. Paint. Sleep. Crossword puzzles. Meetings. TS. Meditate. Bake. Write. Clean out closets. Watch a movie. Play catch with my pup. Long story, short, figure out things I like to do instead of getting drunk. What a huge waste of time and space and energy, that should be spent living.


Is your DOC alcohol? For me I had to keep something liquid on hand at all times. Water, sparkling water, teas. I tried to keep it to low or no calorie as much as possible. But as long as my glass was full I didn’t have time to think about putting wine in it.



I made it… 30 days… couldn’t be happier… thank you so so much for all your replies it’s lovely reading them all and getting ideas… spent the evening yesterday eating rice cakes and peanut butter and jam… and EVERYTHING else I could get my hands on… I find I’m drinking so much more water than I did before and that was one of my goals for this year which I wasn’t doing while I was drinking… I’m unsubconsiously achieving goals I set myself which I’m so proud of… I’m so glad I decided to join this forum and I’m ever more happy that I decided to write something after a few weeks of jsut reading stories and being afraid of what to say… it’s true that a problem shared is a problem halfed… I’m loving having the support… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well I made it one day. Getting lots of practice at day one, actually. Just like when I quit smoking. I got really good at quitting that too. In all honesty, I think I might make it today.
#dont-try-getting-sober-when-there-are-5-beers-in-the-fridge-and-your-spouse-is-at-a-dinner-party. Good news, the beers are gone today and the house is dry.

Early today I made it through the grocery store checkout without stopping at the mini-liquor store on the way out. A big win. I kept reminding myself how it will feel to have a win. How it will feel to not have booze stashed in the basement again, worried that my wife or daughters will find it. How it will feel to wake up refreshed and not sick. How it will feel to be focused on my family tonight and not on my addiction.

I burned through all of these thoughts in about 12 seconds then proceeded to use a meditation trick to survive the impulsive thoughts as I erratically sped up and down the isles, in the wrong direction of course, looking for the items on my list. The trick - simply don’t attach emotionally to the thoughts. Let them slide by as if they’re not your own. This started as a peaceful exercise. Then I started yelling the word “No!” in my head as more impulsive thoughts surfaced like piranhas. This was followed by the imaginary sound of gun shots shooting away the thoughts. I think by the time I reached the end of my list and headed to the checkout I was just panting and looking like a crazy person. Luckily I was masked, and didn’t notice anyone noticing me.

As I walked by the mini-liquor store there was a post-it on the door “back in 5 minutes” I chuckled a sigh of relief and cheered in my head as I walked back to the car. Success. Now back home where there are no more beers, no more bottles of anything. Onward.

Ooops, got a little self involved on this one…

@Serenity33 - celebrate your 30 days. Just keep going. Dont stop, You rock!