What’s one of your Bonus side effects to going alcohol free:


Better sleep! I never attributed my insomnia to my drinking but ever since I’ve cut it out I’ve had the most amazing sleeps in years. Also, no more stomach aches and foggy head!


getting rid of the whole buying, carrying home and recycling mess of many booze bottles. No need to go to the store 5 times a week, yikes…
Sleep… money saved… self respect.


Celebrating one week sober today. The sleep has been incredible, and waking up with enough time in the morning to have a slow start is so soothing. Fresh cup of coffee, the sunrise, and the quiet of the early morning is my favorite part of the day. No waking up feeling like I got kicked in the head, with a stomach that looks like I’m 6 months pregnant, and that humming in my chest from my anxiety being out of control and wondering how I’m going to get through the day.

The bonus though: my freaking skin! Living in Colorado, the air is always dry, but my skin isn’t literally peeling off my face and lips because I’m so dehydrated. The breakouts I had are gone, my skin is brighter, and I’m not putting chapstick on 20x a day!


:joy::joy: always making sure I knew where shop was in relation to me so I could get some on the way home. Even going out of my way!!!


One of the issues that many people don’t realize is how alcohol is metabolized. It’s a type of carbohydrate that the body simply cannot store. It must be processed immediately, so this means all other carbs get moved to the back of the line until you have finished processing the alcohol, which takes hours. Long story short: pretty much whatever you eat after drinking goes right into storage, aka fat.


Pretty picture!


Life is so much more manageable when you don’t pretend vodka will solve your problems, brother. Right there with ya.

I had roughly the same conversation with a coworker as well.
Him: Sea, you’re wasting away! What’s going on?!
Me: Nothing, changed my diet a little.
Him: Changed your diet how? Jesus!
Me: Oh, just cut out a few things I didn’t need.

(Also, I can’t imagine ever asking anyone that, but whatever…)


I unbloated noticeably in about a month. After four months I did cut my hair a little shorter, but people I’ve met many times routinely don’t know who I am if I run into them at the coffee shop. Your mileage may vary significantly, but give yourself a few months to hit equilibrium.


That’s beautiful :heart:


-Clearer skin
-Not bloated
-Real sleep
-No more days wasted recovering from the night before
-Clear Conscience
-Maintaining integrity
-Being able to give 100% and be my best
-Being available for my loved ones, full time


I have more energy and its easier to focus my lifegoals. Drinking always maked me slow, i was lazy and cant do anything right when i was drunk.
I feeling that my mind work on higher speed.
Thank You for question, and everybody answers, its easier to be sober when You start seeing pros.


The early mornings right?!? I’m up and relaxed and clear headed before sunrise. I used to spend new year thinking about the past year and what my intentions were for the next year. Since I’ve been alcohol free I’ve taken to sitting and writing Down my accomplishments and intentions daily. And having all of this free time and without being foggy there are actually tons of accomplishments to actually track daily. This new way of being is truly changing who I am daily.


I agree. I have realized that this thread is one I will keep going back to read because so many people have written so many great things here. I’ve gotten quite emotional moves by reading them as well as extremely motivated to keep up what we all have begun.


So much embarrassment. Yes, love that I can have a great night and host a nice meal… and remember all of the details of later in the evening, the following morning.


My normal state is tolerable. When I was drinking, I’d feel so sick whether I had had too much to drink, or if I was starting to feel withdrawal and starting to shake. The times in between got smaller and smaller until they no longer existed. I could choose between sick and more sick. Now I don’t have to feel sick, nor do I have to balance a substance to keep me that way.

I also have finally been able to grow seeds of self-respect. It’s tough for me to do that as it is, let alone when I let myself down and neglect what I value.

In learning to leave alcohol behind, I’ve also been learning lots about living a better life in general, alcohol aside.


I came off blood pressure meds at around about five months sober. I’m betting you will see a huge improvement!


That ka for that info. My bp did drop as of yesterday but I’m still high for my age and weight. It’s good to know that it may take longer than 3 weeks to see all the results on my blood pressure.


I don’t have to wake up worrying what messages i’ve sent out the night before.


Has anyone bought themselves anything cool with the money they havent been spending on alcohol? Or is saving for something? I want to finally do driving lessons and get a car


I hated that one so much. I’d be like Let’s check all forms of media just to be sure