What’s your craziest/funniest avoidance story?

Today, I had really bad cravings, even after yoga and a pedicure. My fiancé is going to be gone all day and everyone I know skipped town for the weekend.

I ended up getting in my car and driving 2 hours north to a small rural town to eat the pizza and fudge there…I remember it being good from when I was a kid and went on road trips with my family. Luckily, both the fudge shop and pizza parlor still exist up here! :joy:

15 days!

Any of you ever spontaneously skip town or do anything weird to avoid cravings? Not gonna lie… I feel kind of insane.


I told everyone at dinner I had diarrhea…I had rehearsed a story, and it didnt come out right…lol


Hahahahahaha yes I love it!!!

Best story… in the history of stories… in the history of newly sober moments EVER! This puppy needs to be framed & hanging in your home group :joy::rofl::heart:


I tagged you in the full story

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So far I haven’t tried much avoidance. The first week or two I was dodgy about going out and just said I couldn’t make it.

Once I was out I just said, “No thank you.” And that was that. My immediate friends are pretty cool about respecting other people’s boundaries though. In that I am fortunate.

One asked why I wasn’t drinking, so I told her I developed an allergy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s awesome, sounds like a lot of fun lol

@anon46927530 tag me? I would like to read it lol


Or maybe a link, please! If you want to share with the class, of course. :v:

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@Eke @Lionfish here’s a link to @anon46927530’s post. It is truly wonderful… I thoroughly enjoyed it!
I suck under pressure