What substitute (non-alcoholic) drinks do you order when your out with friends or a work event?


I dont like sweet things much so usually a Club soda with a lime, or a splash of cranberry or orange juice. Recently a virgin Caesar extra muddy is mighty tasty. At home I drink Sparkling Perrier (lime, orange or grapefruit flavour) which helps me with cravings. In the past I have had non alcoholic beer but trying to avoid it this time, as I think its a bit of a trigger.


Red Bull
Mineral water with lime (my favorite)
Coke cola
Tazo passion tea


Have you had the key lime? Delish!


Dang, Bill! I had forgotten about Fresca. I used to love that stuff. Will revisit tomorrow!


This would have to be the most embarrassing advertisement in the history of Australia

@Insperation it really was the best lemon lime drink in history :yum:


Yes! I’ve just ‘discovered’ sparking mineral water with a wedge of lime… soooo yum and refreshing!


That is one cool looking can!


The coolest! It just screams ‘late ‘90’s’


I know! Wish they sold it here in Oz. I’m a girl still stuck in the 90s - 90s were THE best! I’d buy it just for the can haha. What does it taste like?


Topo chico


I like goat’s milk


That’s so wonderfully bad! God I miss the 80s.


Kinda like Mtn Dew. One of those citrus sodas. No great shakes…but that can! That’s what sells it.


Club soda with a hearty splash of fresh squeezed grapefruit and lime juice. Kind of like a greyhound without the hangover or calories.


Usually just iced tea or Dr. Pepper. I’m boring. :joy:


virgin mojito or the Duches (virgin gin and tonic


What is in a virgin gin and tonic?


When I lived back home in the UK I would either have a soda water and lime, diet Coke, orange juice, tomato juice, coffee or mocktail (if available).

Now I live in Taiwan I am ordering coconut water, various juices, bubble tea, coffee etc.


Dr. Pepper is not boring


My niece, who is British, suggested I drink squash. Then told me its gross. What the hell is squash?