When the cravings kick in

What are ways people deal with cravings?

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Play the tape through, talk to sober friends, mindfulness, meditation, exercise, eat sugary snacks, find a meeting. Ride it like a wave and it will pass making your stronger and stronger each time.


Last night I played games on my phone for an extended time. That’s unusual for me but it passed the time that I usually would be drinking.

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Nice to know that craving last 10 minutes.
That has been scientifically proven.

The way (for me) to go about it is Action.
Being still and focusing on your addict mind rambling will not do the trick.
I went to vacuum my house. Or ask your wife for a chore :slight_smile: explain to her why you are asking for these chores… So she won’t be like “no it is fine”

Imma tag you in a thread for new recoverees. You’ll find loads of useful stuff there.

Check out this thread…there are a couple of linked threads about cravings…

(Frequently Asked Questions)

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I game out, or do some art. Chew lots of gum keep busy.

Fresh air… my dog is getting plenty of walk right now!

People ,places ,an things helps fight cravings.

What i learned in the past it was certain places where getting intoxicated was almost impossible cause it was not allowed.so i if i was sober when i got there i would be sober all the time im there.also the peope who would be in such places are respected an risking going to find intoxicating substances would not be fun or satisfying.at time we are not just hurting our selves.we are hurting those who care about us.
Video games,food,tv,an things to look forward to often brings the cravings down cause the thoughts of enjoying those things may be better without the intoxicating substances !image

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All really helpful thank you, I’ve been struggling to get out of bed most days only dragging myself to work as I need a roof over my head I’d nothing else

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I had a terrible day today so I got myself to a meeting and feeling so much better. X


The point of the image was to show how we dont only hurt ourselves when we do what we know is harmful

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Thanks.its removed.


I immediately try to focus on something recovery related. If a meeting isnt an option at the time, I read a recovery based text like the Big Book, call my sponsor or another person in recovery, watch open talks or motivational speeches on Youtube, read this forum, watch a show like Mom which has an excellent message of recovery IMO. Or hit the gym for a long run. Anything to gwt out of my own head and focus on something positive. I consider drinking and drugging to be negative to my life. In my thinking the only way to repell a negative is to focus on a positive. Hope it helps!

I usually just try to remember just how awful alcohol had made my existence. I said existence because that’s all I was doing… existing.

I’ve been to treatment twice this year, and I’m currently just over 5 weeks sober. Before going into treatment the last time I knew that I had had enough before I even left home. So thankfully I have not had any cravings since then. I have thoughts here and there if alcohol, but nothing I’d classify as a craving.

As stated before, the feeling of craving can last from 10 to 30 minutes. The quicker you talk about it, find something to do, pray, meditate, etc etc… the faster it goes away.

When a craving hits, just think about your rock bottom, your darkest part of addition you dont want to see again. Never forget all the shitty parts of the past and addiction, use it as motivation for a better present and future.

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