When the dust settles, remembering recovery

Very well put Mr P :+1:

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Don’t think you know everything… OK so you’ve got some time under your belt maybe 1 or 2 years, you’ve maybe worked a program or found a routine that works for you BUT what if something comes along and puts a spanner in the works, what if you don’t have the answer??
I’ve recently listened to someone with 2 weeks sober, I’m approaching 2 years, and I learnt something. There is more than one way to skin a cat ( sorry cat lovers) and although I know how to stay sober for a day I have to remind myself that other people are more than capable of the same feat by taking different actions. Your mission in life as well as remain sober is to gain enough knowledge and experience to make your sober life fulfilling, not picking up your drug of choice is the bare minimum required of us. Now it’s time to live, love, listen and learn.
If you know how I can make this more simple please tell me, I got people I would like to pass it on to once I have finished with it.


You can’t save em all… Helping others in recovery.
So you think you’ve cracked it and want to pass on that wonderful feeling to someone else, Firstly get rid of the god complex bc you can’t force anyone to do what they don’t want to do, secondly don’t take it so personally if they carry on drinking etc. It’s nothing you’ve done wrong and yes they are doing their best even though it doesn’t look like it to you. Not many of us yourself included managed to flip the switch the first time and walk in the light and live happily ever after. Be kind not judgemental, be firm but fair. Be honest and open and share your own experiences so they know they are not the only one. But never give them an excuse “Oh you’ve had a tough day I’m not surprised you drank” These were our excuses and we know now that they were never justified. I have sponsees tell me they are struggling I sit and listen quietly then say the same thing to all of them “I don’t care how you feel, we all feel something. I care what your doing about it”
So what are you doing about it??


2 years sober and not excited. That’s exactly how I want it to be bc for the first time in my life and recovery it means alcohol is not the most important thing anymore. Always grateful and never taken for granted but now I have other things to think about, I don’t have to check my counter everyday. There’s so much going on in life that doesn’t revolve around what I want. The beauty of it is we are still growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually, there is still so much to be done in our approach to life and more importantly the people in ours even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Sobriety can never get boring bc now I’ve learnt the bit about not picking one up I get to practice living and now even when I’m doing nothing I’m learning something.


Congratulations :tada::tada: I guess I must be at 2 years, too. My sponsor is away, and she watches my time. Weird that it suddenly snuck up on me that I don’t think about it any more. Neutrality, just as promised, was delivered. Freedom and :v: