When your past comes and bites you in the ass

I was literally just walking back home from my Uncle’s house down the street smoking a cigarette when a cop drives by slowly then stops. Flashes his lights on me draws a gun on me and yells to get my hand out my pocket. I do as he says and even drop the cigarette. He approaches me and handcuffs me. I asked him what did I do wrong and says he’s handcuffing me for HIS safety. Yet HE’S the one with the gun. He starts searching me asking me if I have drugs or weapons on me I tell him NO SIR…as if he even deserved the sir! Then he starts asking me where was I heading to I told him home I was LITERALLY 3 houses away! By this time another cop shows up and he asks him what did I have on me HE LITERALLY LIES and says he saw me buy dope! I quickly get pissed off as hell and tell him he’s lying and that I’ve been clean for over 3 years! Luckily my cousin walks out of the house to go to her car she calls my Uncle when she see’s me in handcuffs. My Uncle starts yelling at the cops asking what I did wrong. The 2nd cop pulls him aside tells him that his partner saw me buying drugs. That’s when my Uncle tells him that’s a lie I was walking home from his house.

I’m still so pissed that it has taken me 20mins to type this that I can’t even continue telling the rest. Pretty much the Sgt. showed up and let me go. There were no drugs found on me of course but the cop that stopped me knows me because I’ve been arrested for having a schizophrenic episode. I just can’t handle the stress and anxiety I’ve had with cops treating me like shit because of who I use to be! I’m now in tears because I’m a Hispanic minority leaving in the hood and will always be treated like trash and will never get the chance to prove that I’m better than my past!


I know pretty much every cop in my city bc of my past and former lovers/friends. It can lead to shitty situations. I’m sorry for what happened to you tonight. That’s crazy and uncalled for. But you know your truth, whether they’re able to accept it or not. And keep on doing the new you and you can prove you’re better than what they expect of you bc of your past. Keep your head up. Stay strong. Prove em wrong.


I’m glad you’re safe now. :black_heart:

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Your past is your past, not your present, and that cop had no right to act the way he did. Honestly, he is the one who should be charged - and ashamed, humiliated, and deeply sorry for his actions. You have every right to be upset. Just take some deep breaths, do whatever you need to do right now for healthy self care - you reached out here, and I’m sure you’ll find a lot of support here. Give yourself a big hug from me!


Thank you, unfortunately this isn’t my first encounter with the cops in my neighborhood it’s funny though a lot of the majority’s drive thru here to buy drugs and not once have the vos ever pulled them over or stopped them.

I would write a formal complaint with their department, if for nothing else it’ll be on his (cop 1) record as a complaint. If there’s more they’ll do an I.A. :woman_shrugging:

Yeah that’s not going to happen. I write a complaint on any cop and all I’m looking at is torture from the cops even more than I already get. But this time not just on me but also on my family. How do I know this because this isn’t the first time someone in my neighborhood has been treated like crap and it wouldn’t be the first compliant

I am so sorry this happened to you. Staying sober can be hard enough without being treated like a criminal.
I’ve seen shit like this happen so often to friends of mine (not to me because I’m white) I’d be just as high or just as drunk and cops would just brush me aside and focus on my friends who were people of color. Anyone who says white privilege isn’t real can come talk to me.
You should be so proud of yourself for your sobriety :slight_smile: and I’m glad you have an uncle who’s got your back when the cops forget they’re meant to “protect and serve” not “interrogate and harass”


WHAT THE FUCK, that’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard, how those that asshole even have a job. I am usually pro cops, because they are there to help us, but in your situation they seem more like oppressors. Fuck that dude