Where Do you see your life and dreams in the future?

I was in a very dark place a year ago, my mother and grandson both had died from cancer with only a few days notice… I was living with a 40 opiate/ alcohol addiction just to name a fee. It’s wild how before We (I) became clean I rarely ever thought about a higher power for me that God. I had neglected him. I grew up with him in my life and had not thought about a higher power in many many years. But if someone would of asked me I would of swore I was very “Godly like”. Today there’s not and hour that goes by I don’t thank about my higher power. In fact, some day this higher power i may refer to 4 to 6 times a day, either in talking, texting, praying, thinking, and even on singing… I have been amazed at the people that have abandoned the idea to reach out to their higher power for guidance that don’t know he will lead us through this nasty addiction… Yes I am blessed so so blessed. And everyone else is blessed as well. All they have to do is believe they are worth it… And know they are… And God WILL get them there. AMEN… You never know what tomorrow holds… and I’m and always will be a recovering addict. Since I’ve been clean,I believe God has helped me and wants me to help other addicts. Such as my self find recovery and keeps me clean every single day of our life. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a fanatic. But I do believe that we have to reach out and find a higher power. And give thanks for what has bestowed upon us that, the day before, and the day we’re of, in order to get the blessings that we are asking for each day. I believe the Lord wants me to help other addicts just like myself. with their sobriety with the hard everyday work of clean staying, and their day-to-day struggles, And doing this it gives me great pride. To help others stay clean day by day. Yes, indeed it helps me stay clean and sober myself while being humble. I’ve been clean now for 370 days. I went to a recover center 600 miles from home, it was the hardest but the best. I went to Evolutions Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida, they helped me learn the tools to save my life…


I’m hoping to get my bachelor’s in fine arts.