Where's your serenity spot?

Today my recovery counselor walked me through visualizing serenity. Turns out my serenity spot is my backyard, with a (non-alcoholic) beverage, and my dog.

Even though I have so much work to do today, I am taking time to sit in my serenity spot and …calm.

I would love to hear about everyone’s serenity spot. Or what you visualize during meditation, if you don’t have one. And pictures are welcome!


In the pines with the breeze blowing!


My serenity spot is my back porch. I’ll post a pic when I get home. Every single morning at 5 am I sit here and do my morning routine for an hour. I do My version of meditation. I take my inventory of the day before and do my morning prayers… And smoke cigarettes and drink coffee of course :wink:

There was a day a month or so ago where we didn’t have any coffee and I swear it threw my whole routine off! I didn’t start my day with serenity and it showed. I snapped at my wife and I was just off. At about 9:30 am I went and got some flippin coffee and did my routine parked under a tree in my truck. Ha

So as I am writing this I’m realizing that maybe my serenity place can be anywhere. Cuz after that morning I did find my serenity. All I needed was my coffee and my smokes and my inventory and my prayers​:raised_hands::innocent:


Yes - serenity can be anywhere as it is within ourselves. So glad you have found your serenity source.


Mine is in my self converted camper with my son and 2 dogs… anywhere that’s in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the outdoors.


Definitely the mountains. Redwood trees and fresh air. When I retire (in like 100 years, lol) I am moving to the mountains and getting 3 more dogs. :smile:


This is a 2 min walk from my parents home. I could sit for hours and watch the ducks on the pond.


Appalachian trail


I am amazed at people like you that can think and speak coherently before 8 or 9 am. Even sober, I bumble around like I have a hangover and can barely mutter something that seems to sound like it could be words. Not sure if I am jealous tho.


Ha. It just kind of happened that way. I’ve always had to work early but I used to just fall out of bed straight into my truck. Now tho if I have to leave at 6 then I’m up at 5 to go out back. If I have to leave at 7 then I’m up at 6 to go.
It’s the only time in my whole existence that I’m alone. No kids yelling, no horns honking, no power tools blaring, no wife telling me this or that. Just me and my coffee and my smokes man. I’ve learned to love it


I know that feeling. Just not sure where to find it here. Years ago before I moved east, there was nothing like being on the lake before dawn or in a blind, water still like a mirror, sun peeking up, and all the animals beginning to wake up. And no cell phone!

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That’s my dream too @Serenity412 :grinning:


Pretty much anywhere in the PNW . I took this picture with my cell on my last visit . Just a random stop on the highway. Chris and I hung out here for about an hour just taking it all in…


in the gym at 5:30 where it’s just the early risers, headphones on.

or the mountain bike trail. i love when i get to a scenic peak panting and sweating hard. staring off at the vista with a natural euphoria and a thoughtless peace of mind. mtb is my meditation activity.

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My serenity spot is anywhere out in the woods. I feel such a strong connection to the earth and my higher power whenever I am building campfires, cooking outside, climbing mountains and hiking. I absolutely love to set a hammock up and just relax to the soothing sounds of nature. I am most at peace and I feel more clear headed anytime I am in the woods.


What kind of woods? Deciduous forest? Coniferous forest? Redwoods? Tropical rainforest? Or does it not matter?

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Anywhere in the woods. I am original from the south I was born in Texas and spent a lot of time outside there. I moved to Tennessee when I was in high school and spent many days hiking the Appalachian trail and various state parks there. I am now living in upstate New York so I get to enjoy the Adirondacks these days.


The North Rim of the grand canyon. I can’t wait to go back!!


I have sooo many serenity spots! I’m still pretty new at meditating but I don’t tend to go to the same place each time when I do it. I’ve done mostly guided meditations, sometimes they guide you to a place, other times you create your own and other times I work thru balancing my chakras. I’m always out in nature, typically near water. Water is my sign (pisces) so I’m often at the ocean or at a lake on the weekends at least one day and that’s where I often go back to when in meditations. Anywhere in nature is where I feel best!


This is my number one favorite place in the entire world, don’t mind my son on the dock lol