Why Can’t I post my Sober Selfie?

Trying to post to the Sober Selfie today is my 100 days.


I think because you’re new to forum. After reading a bit, posting, “liking”, I believe you should be able to. Am I correct @SassyRocks?

Welcome, @Laxeh, and well done on triple digits!

And yes. Once you post a little more and become a full Member you will be able to post pictures. There’s a Trust level system and the first bar is just to make sure we’re not robots. :robot:

Keep coming back and let us know how you’re doing!


I believe @Salty is correct @Laxeh. You need a little more time here, reading, posting, liking, etc before you are able to post a selfie. Welcome and stick around, I don’t think it takes long! Congrats on your 100!


Congratulations with the triple digits! :facepunch:

Welcome @Laxeh
You’ve arrived at a great place for support and community! Well done…100 days!
We are glad you are here!

Welcome, well done on 100 days.:grinning: