Why did you decide to pursue sobriety?

Just curious about everyone’s stories :slight_smile:


I was tired of it. Homeless 14 years and doing everything but doing fentanyl ruined/saved my life. Ruined it because I was always sick and had it not been for fentanyl I would probably be out there still using meth. Fentanyl is such a evil dark world and seeing everyone dropping dead and nobody giving a damn about you dying really opened my eyes. I may have been messed up but I don’t deserve that life. Nobody does. The withdrawal is so bad and that alone makes me never want to do it again. I quit 2/27/23 from everything. Went to rehab and I’m still sober today.


Im pursuing sobriety because substances make me weak physically and mentally. I’ve been taken advantage of a lot while under the influence


The blackouts were too regular


It was a life or death situation for me. I lost nearly everything and everyone due to my drinking. my health was deteriorating fast, multiple hospitalizations, and I was becoming a person I didn’t like.
Glad to be on the path of recovery!


After I was sober for awhile and went to a cookout with who I thought was friends. The beer was there and all it took was some internal justifications and I was off to the stupid races.

After that I got really serious. I joined back up here, do daily meetings, got an AA steps journal and my work daily and I listen to a 7 hour AA workshop podcast today! All 7 hours. I just couldn’t put it down!


Welcome to the community Erika
Well done on your addiction free lifestyle. This is a great community with lots of lovely support and advice and loads of distractive threads that are helpful when urges hit.
Congrats again - keep strong and hope to see you around.


whats your story?

I decided to finally stop drinking in Dec 2022 as i made a promise to my family to no longer drink. It has been an enlightening journey and being sober has helped me get healthier and start my healing process.


I personally just got sick of the lifestyle. Popping pills all day to sleep the day away, I realized, wasn’t getting me anywhere. Escaping my problems just made things worse. It’s really not a struggle anymore, but once in a blue moon I’ll get the urge again. I simply say fuck off.


I can totally relate to that. I got tired of popping pills all day just to not face my problems. Congratulations on your hard work!


Honestly… i have been trying to seriously get clean since the age of 21. Started using drugs when i was 15. I am 38 now and have 515 days of recovery behind me. I have had various reasons for quitting over the years. Everything from traumatic experiences from the sex trade (no longer involved with that), to abuse, to overdoses, to just mentally and physically being unwell and worn out. But this time around i really put in all my effort bcuz of my son and being sooo sick and tired of being sick and tired. I just was sooooo tired of being a slave to drugs and everything that it took from me. 22 years of addiction had its toll on me and i truly felt in my soul that my time was coming. And that scared me tremendously bcuz my son needs a clean and sober mother and i have sooo much more life to live. Very grateful to be clean today :slight_smile:

Why did YOU decide to pursue sobriety?


I was a very successful high functioning alcoholic. I was a homeless teenager, who ended graduating highschool and getting into really good jobs in my early 20’s. I was drunk and high 24’7 or almost 24’7, I’d always smoke and drink when id wake up, find a way to sneak it in the afternoon or evening , and binge when id get home from work/school and treat myself to more .
I was also a skateboarder, so I was very athletic on my time off , and I was doing some pretty hefty gaps and stair cases so I assume that disguised my “drunkness” to others cause I could skateboard normal and do tricks with plenty of alcohol in my system. Nobody could tell I was an alcoholic not even myself with the way how I carried myself . My ex girlfriend ended up cheating on me , and I ended up moving back with my mom which didn’t end up to pretty to some personal family reasons, I ended up moving into some ladies house and started drinking to cope, the pandemic time hit around and I started realising my intakes of alcohol were hitting stronger and stronger the older I got , I ended hitting points where I’d drink 750 ml - 1 litre in a day with sometimes a 6 pack of strong beer (Idk how I survived I’m gonna be honest I was only 150 pounds back then). As 2020’s approached with the pandemic and I had more time to myself I started experiencing serious withdrawals, and I mean I should’ve been in a hospital withdrawals. My withdrawals started getting so insane that’s where my wakeup call hit, my relapses were bad and have been bad, I can still chug 1 litre of vodka or whiskey in a night like water even if I take a half a year break. I decided to pretty much call it quits when I started going through side effects and withdrawals. I was a pretty secret high functioning alcoholic for a very long time. My heaviest drinking was from about 20’s just until this last year…Withdrawals… That is all …withdrawals. :rofl: Not the black outs , not the loss of income, it was the withdrawals.


I’m glad you were able to save yourself and you’re still here with us today <3 congratulations on your sobriety :slight_smile:


I can relate to this. It’s scary using something to the point of memory loss. Good luck on your journey <3


“The past doesn’t always have to determine the future”. It’s an uphill battle for sure, but I’m glad you’re here now trying :slight_smile:


It got to where it seemed I was always in a state of withdrawal even if it had only been a few minutes since the last use, I quit cold turkey and went into a case of dts bad enough I had stay in detox at the hospital for 10 days before they’d let me go to rehab.


“and i have so much more life to give”

I can relate to this. My excuse for drinking was it “got me out of my shell” and “made me more fun”, when in reality I was reckless, always felt like shit the next day and could barely remember anything. I realized that’s not the life I want to have or person I want to be, I am so much more than that.

Congratulations on your 515 days!!! That’s amazing. I’m so glad you were able to find yourself again :slight_smile:


I definitely relate to this. Up until recently I was pretty much drunk 24/7 because “it made everything better”. My friends didn’t know, coworkers, or even my parents. I’d have full on conversations with people and not even remember them the next day. It was tiring always planning when I’m going to sneak my next couple of shots after just taking a few. Congratulations on almost five months!!! :slight_smile:


I got tired of letting my wife, my kids, my friends and most importantly, myself down. I saw myself digging deeper and deeper and knew I had to get out before it was too late.


I couldn’t remember what a normal life felt like without waking up feeling like I wanted to be drunk or high.