Why did you decide to pursue sobriety?

Was a simple choice for me in the end- my daughter or alcohol because i cannot have both…i chose my daughter 625 day ones ago


Same answer. :pray:


I had reached the point of wanting the end to come because I couldn’t stop by myself. All the other challenges in my life up to that point I was able to do independently but not the drinking. I hated who & what I had become.


For me it wasnt because of the usual things like legal issues or relationship stuff. I was a highly functioning addict which is why i stayed using and drinking for so long. I figured as long as i go to work everyday and pay my bills i didn’t have a problem. When my ex and I split up i went to stay at a motel room until i could find a place of my own. I have never really lived alone in my life and my use was out of control. One night i broke down and was crying uncontrollably with a syringe in one hand and a pistol in the other I wasnt going to keep living that one way or another and since sobriety never crossed my mind i was going end it myself and while i was sitting on the floor contemplating this. I looked down and seen this bracelet i was wearing that a complete stranger had given me a couple days before. It was a suicide awareness bracelet with the number for the hotline on it. So I called. Thats when i realized that god has better plans for me and thats what kicked off my journey this time. That happened just about 2 and a half months ago and tomorrow i hit 60 days clean.


Because I spent a lot of my time planning how to die. It consumed my thoughts. I was lucky to see during therapy which was unrelated to alcohol but where I wasn’t allowed to drink that I felt better mentally. I think this gave me some hope to go for it later on.