Why I haven't relapsed this time


@Dad we are all different …just food for thought


@Stormy. Just food for thought. All of our paths are different. Just because it worked for me, doesnt mean it will for you.


Thanks for this great read and really well done to you aswell

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@NewMe18, you need a “game” plan. I tried quitting for 24 years. All of our paths are different, just food for thought


very good
that was quite a put together of people and hope. your a poweful example, such as I hope to achieve power of good example. I need to learn how to put my money where my mouth is

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Support, belief in oneself, and changing lifestyle…took 24 years of being a drunk that wanted to quit to figure that out.

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Are you in a support group? I didnt go to one for 90 days. Looking back I wish I would have. Those first 90 days was nothing more than me white knuckling sobriety…lucky I am a stubborn person.

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me personally enrolled in a support group that will start soon. its a everyday group and im very excited to start :slight_smile: I really am. I could use the helping hand


It will be a good experience. I started shopping around at the 90 day point. Just recently settled down into one I feel comfortable with.

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This place will help alot. But, for me, good old fashion face to face communication is best.

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going to AA tonight for the alcohol addiction. NA for substance abuse. I got to kick these substances out first because thats where im in need the most. been fighting for 8years on and off and ive
battled 15 years in all

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you got it; I agree

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I wish you the best of luck. Sounds like you have a great plan. Just believe in yourself, fight hard…and seek support…and day by day you will make it.

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:slight_smile: thank you my friend

ganna read about the first step everyday. ive tested myself noumorus times. those blackouts arnt fun. theyre actually pretty damn dangerous.


Keep us posted…we are here to be helped, and to help

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@Travisj86. Just food for thought, we are all different


@B-Anthony…just some food for thought. Nothing changes if nothing changes…my drinking friends are no where near my life now.

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Likewise the majority of friends I’ve made in addiction are gone. It just seems I’m continually drawn to drinkers and those who use

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Thank you for sharing. What an inspiration. :grinning:


I think that is why I have gravitated to AA…people like me, that no longer use