Why I haven't relapsed this time


Setting outside, enjoying this view I started thinking about my 139 days.

For half my life, I drank away my days, tried to quit, and relapsed on scheduel. This time is different. The following, I believe, are the reasons for 139 days of succes:

  1. Today. I only care about relapsing today. I fight to stay sober today. Tomorrow will come, when its ready.

  2. Support. There are people out there that can quit on their own. I tried that, I am not one of those people. Friends, TS, AA. That is the support I need.

  3. Change. Had to change my life style. I couldn’t go out to the same places with the same people. Do I miss my friends. I did. The ones that understand are still here, the ones that didn’t aren’t. You know what…in my 42 years of life, I have made a lot of friends. If I lose all my friends by becoming sober, great! I made friends once before, I will do it again…and this time they will support my sober life.

  4. The fight. I fought before. Like an elementary school kid on the playground…and that isn’t fighting. The level of fighting…I pictured standing in Afghanistan. I have 2 rounds in my Baretta, and an entrenching tool. There are 4 bad guys around me. If I am going to make it home, I will have to go through those 4 guys. They want to kill me. So I have to fight for my life. That is the fight it takes me to win over alcohol. Alcohol wants to kill me. It wants to take everything I have slowly, and at the end kill me. I wont let it, I will fight it with everything I have.

  5. Belief. I believe in myself. There is no try in my vocabulary. I believe that I am strong enough to win, I believe that I am worth winning.

  6. Alcohol is simply not an option.

Random thoughts are done.


This is awesome :raised_hands:t2:


That’s amazing brother. Thanks for that


Simple concepts, that our addictions seem to cloud up and make merky.


This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the great work One Day At A Time.


I love this. Your surroundings are so pretty, and thank you for sharing how you are staying sober. I’m right there with you in not being able to do it alone, and I love your imagery in how you fight alcohol.


When i first read this quickly i thought it said “these are the 139 reasons” and i saw the numbering and went :open_mouth:. Congrats on your days keep it up! God bless you.


I am sure I could find 139 reasons


Beautifully put!
How wonderful life is through sober eyes :heart:️


Well put! 139 days is no joke, neither is that image of the fight. That’s a great way to look at it, thank you for sharing. :+1:t2:


You are doing great, keep up the good fight, you got this.


@Helenc Just food for thought. All our journeys are different, yet have similarities.


So proud of you friend. You are a amazing.


Where have you been hiding?


@findinglifeagain. Just something I posted, reflections on why I havent relapsed this time.


I’m not sure why I haven’t discovered this post until now, but I agree and love everything that you’ve said. Also, what a beautiful picture.


@PlaidMinion just some food for thought. All paths are different.


@EDDY just food for thought about my thoughts on how I have pieced 151 days together


Thanks for this. I needed to hear the part about making/losing friends, I think.


Thanks for an inspiring post, and congrats!!!
Your imagery nailed it:slightly_smiling_face: