Why I haven't relapsed this time


Shit couldnt we all

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@Rcoonis. Just some thought of mine…paths are different…but just food for though

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@dogmum just some reflections I had


@JJ3786…just some thoughts i had about myself. Only 1 person knows what can be done to keep you sober, that is you. However, we can help and support you when you need it

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@Jim78 Just some of my thoughts.

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Thanks, great post. Bookmarked. I’m beginning to realize how much of a battle this is gonna be.

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Beautifully written! Great post!

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While relapse stats are tricky at best. From everything I read…there is roughly a 30% chance of relapsing within the first year. The harder your work, the more you fight, the more you believe in “sober you”…that % gets closer to zero. You are worth a sober life. Relapse happens, but it doesnt have to. You got this!

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I haven’t relapsed because I don’t want to drink. No one could make me quit, except me, and no one can make me drink, except me.

I don’t want to drink, so I don’t. Never again.



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@Cloudberry some random thoughts i had about my sobriety


@CzRecover. Just thought this might help




Thanks tm, will definitely help

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@Juno. Just sone random thoughts I had back in August. Maybe it will help

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@Jane.c. some of my thoughts


Thank you for sharing this. A big part missing for me right now is definitely the fight. I am having a hard time caring about myself enough to fight for my life. I need to change that.

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@Jane.c There is only 1 you. 7.5 billion people on this planet and God created just 1 of you. It takes a team, a group, a village to stay sober. With out you, we are all weakened in our journey to sobriety. You matter, you are special, and you ARE WORTH fighting for. If you dont believe that, I will believe for you. Getting sober isnt an easy path, but the journey is worth every second.