Why was my topic deleted?

Had a forum thread there i was considering relapsing, but it was deleted why?

Likely got flagged for something and the mods may have locked it.

It’s been moved to the seeking help category


Or that…:rofl:

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Yep…still there: https://talkingsober.com/t/im-gonna-relapse-with-purpose-trigger-warning/28839

I’m not sure why it was moved? You never posted under the influence.

I dont have access to this thread, why? I was never under influence while typing. Anyways:

My hollyday is done, i sadly drank some wine and beers (everyday). However, I stopped in time and controlled it.

When I left i decided to face the plane sober and it went very good! Tempted to buy a beer at plane, but I bought soda instead! However, i do have some regrets that i wasted my soberity time, but whats pasts is past.

Now its on again! 3 days sober and feeling sick, i think i have gotten jetlag… :frowning:

You must have access to this thread, if you are posting to it. I could see it.

Back when they were considering adding this “relapsing” category I think we needed to opt into it. Some people really didn’t want to see discussions about relapsing as it could be triggered.

I did not opt in so I can’t see your thread now that it has moved.

Can people who join now opt in??? You don’t see the threads at all if you don’t.

The thread is in the seeking help category, as mentioned, you have to opt in.

hey guys and gals, you can opt in to the seeking help category by checking out this thread

There you will find the link to OPT in to the discussion.

Planning a relapse and talking about using is something that should be kept there.

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Thanks Steve!! I knew there was something about it but I never opted in back then and couldn’t remember how it was done now.

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