Forum Rules and Guidelines


Talking Sober is a community where we talk about staying or getting sober. We as a community aim to help ourselves and others by participating here.

Think about your post before you publish it. Ask yourself if the post is going to positively affect you or someone else. If not, please try and restructure it.

Here are the rules and guidelines for Talking Sober:

  • Do not talk about illegal activities. This is not allowed in the forum.
  • Do not post while you are using or under the influence. These posts negatively impact sobriety for others.
  • Refrain from posting about using. Instead talk about how you want to stop using and start being sober.
  • Do not attack or lash out at other community members. Keep it civil.
  • Do not badger / harass other members
  • Stick to the language that the topic was created in. If you want to talk in another language, you are welcome, but do it in a separate topic.
  • Do not list or attempt to sell services. This is not a marketplace.
  • Do not use Talking Sober as a fundraising platform

Also see the FAQ which covers more general rules:

Posting under the influence is strictly prohibited everywhere on the forum except in the special category created for it. You need to opt-in if you wish to see or post there. You can opt in here:

We are all here seeking help or offering help to others. If your post does not do that, please don’t post it.

I’ve messaged members who’ve not adhered to the above rules. Starting today I will take more serious action if you do not follow them. Please understand that these rules are in place to protect the community and its members. We are trying to create a positive space and we’d like everyone to contribute to that.

Seeking Help - Under the influence (new opt-in category)
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Posting under the influence info
Why was my topic deleted?


Im really glad you put guidlines.thank you.


Thats amazing and congratulations @Paybacc13 .its possible guys it hives me hope .thank you its inspireing


I agree to the TOS and look forward to being a part of this community.


This topic is about the forum rules and guidelines. Posts should stay on topic of that. If you have any questions or suggestions about that, post away.

For feedback on the site, or how to do something, see this topic:


Posts made by people under the influence…that’s like the single most upsetting and triggering thing to me…I wish more people (usually those new to the board) would read these rules and respect them! :flushed:


Definitely no good to not be sober and on a "talking sober" forum :frowning:
The forum admin @Robin can remove those posts, all we can do is flag them to bring them to his attention.


Yes thank you :purple_heart: I flag when I see them. I wanted to bump this too though bc I am wondering if everybody reads the rules before posting (although I have seen not so new people break this rule too…) anyway just trying to make a gentle notice and reminder. :blush::rainbow:


Yes, I agree. Posts under the influence are detrimental to everyone else reading them. It’s against the rules for a reason. Please do flag them when you see something so that I can look into it ASAP.





Hey I’m new on this site


Welcome @Jonsanchez


I dont know if I am supposed to or not but I read and I agree…


Thanks @lizak :slight_smile:


This forum saved me. I can’t thank you guys enough. When I am tempted to drink, I come here instead. My mom is in the hospital and yet I have not touched a drink.


Where are the new tutorials sir.:smile::purple_heart::hugs:


Tutorials on getting started with Discourse (the platform this forum runs on) can be found here: