Why would you "test" your sobriety?

I wonder how many people are starting day 1 again today after testing their sobriety last night?


Aaaaaaand the results are in!


I got anxiety reading that, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grimacing:


Starting your new year’s resolution of sobriety by trying to prove you can go to that party and not drink just turns it into your 2023 resolution. Also you’ll probably get Covid.

Also if you didn’t survive Christmas get togethers without drinking you won’t survive a new year’s one either.


Funny you’d bring this up. I have my first sponsee, and she asked today if we could start over again in January. AKA drink all week. I requested that she go to a big Portland meeting, and ask by show of hands who had a sober birthday of January first. Then, who had tried, ever, for a “fresh start” on New Years. She did as I asked, and reported back that she wasn’t going out tonight. We’ll talk tomorrow, about tomorrow


So, today my sponsee told me that at coffee time after the meeting, an old timer told the gathering that deciding to drink over the holidays and “start fresh” on New Year’s was like “taking all of the money you have , and putting it down on the lease of a house that you’ve vacationed in before, and have nostalgic memories, even though you know that the house burned down two years ago and cannot be rebuilt.” Makes sense to me. I told this anecdote to my sponsor, and she said, “Oh, that’s Bob D from Las Vegas, he used to tell a story like that…” I get really fascinated by how AUD seems to be a malady of the excessively languaged, maybe because with language is facility to deceive self and others? Lotsa writers in the rooms for sure. Grateful that this turn of a phrase did stop my sponsee cold, if only just for today :pray: Edit to add, it’s also really interesting to explore the lineage of A.A. my sponsor is only a few generations in, and first gen Pacific Group. It’s not hard to trace, at least here in the USA


If I went out for the fresh start today I’d probably be dead by New Years.


Aaaahhhh the good old, one last time. The farewell to drinking drink.
I have never seen that actually being the last drink, for anyone. There is always the next time.
Anyone who asks such a question must ask themselves what is my relationship with the first step. Some sponsors might have been “cruel” and told them to come back when they were done drinking.
Glad you chose this line of action instead.
My sponsor is the same. He will never tell me what to do. He will always ask me questions. He will tell me his experience and how he sees the literature on the matter.
Well done.


I’m almost more afraid that I wouldn’t be dead.
Edited to add, we’re never the only ones who have felt the same way: (BB p 518, 2nd paragraph) “I knew in my heart that I would live whether I drank or not, and that no matter how bad it was, it could always get worse. Some people get sober because they are afraid to die. I knew I would live, and that was far more terrifying. I had surrendered.”


Hey y’all. Summer is coming and it’s still not a good idea to test your sobriety. Plenty of threads here about people who found that out the hard way.


Can’t beat a cool Coca Cola on a hot summers day :+1:t2:


Every time I see this thread title pop up the voice in my head just screams NOOOOOO, I wouldn’t!!! I have no other answer lol


THEM: Have you studied for the test?
ME: Nah, I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry…

THEM: How’d you go?
ME: … Failed. Not sure why :slightly_frowning_face:


Thank you for bumping up this thread, I needed that today. I find summer in the city and everyone being out there with a drink harder than other seasons. Holding on. tight to my gingerale. Odat.

My friends drink a lot, my family produce a famous white wine known all over the world, I live in France.
My whole life is a test I have to take if I don’t want to be alone :grimacing:

And I take it. But it’s only me. My choice. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

In the end it gives me strength to see how they live, how stupid they can become while intoxicated, how normal it is supposed to drink a lot, everything I hear and see in this wino country.

I’m too busy building a fortress around recovery to take a test!:muscle:


Just a friendly reminder to all my American friends. You do not need to visit your hometown bar tonight to see all your high school friends. If you go and you drink you have given up the right to act surprised. You’ve been warned.


Word. I got my tools, but still remember the gauntlet of my first holidays sober. Talk about being on guard.

I spend every Thanksgiving with my father and stepmother. He got sober long before me (by grit) and knows my score as well.

Which is good cuz he lives in Vegas. :joy: He knows what sobriety means to me and pretty sure he’d knock me into last week if I tried to grab a drink. Can’t sh-t a sh-tter!

On a side note, packing is a helluva lot easier when you’re not trying to figure out where to squirrel your bottles away.