Women's hormonal roller-coaster

PMF (premonstual farts) can fro! Please tell me I’m not the only one :sweat_smile:


Hahaha :rofl::joy::rofl: you are claiming that one Mischa.

Well I have all the joy of period pains and heaviness and mood disorder but no period yet. I’m so happy I get this all over again when the period decides to finally start :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I fart 1000x more right before my period too!!


Don’t need to be on a period . Farting more happens and I am 61


Menstrual pain from hell again.
And it’s not even the “right” time at the month.

This time it’s also not my leg that hurts which it usually is. But my entire lower back and front.

It kinda explains my downside mood the past days. But there where no other signs, that my period should start (again)

It’s getting more and more irregular, and more and more annoying.

This peri-menopaus thing sure is interesting it never stops surprising me.

If this is going to keep up for 10 years, like some say it will it’ll probably drive me crazy :joy:

I mean more crazy than I already am.

Luckily my periods never lasts long, but who knows this time.

Doctors here won’t do anything to help “It’s just a part of natural aging, there’s nothing we can do”

Thinking about maybe ordering some hormone boosting natural meds non prescripted online, but note sure I’m brave enough.

Read that soy milk can help but it’s not an option since I’m highly allergic to soy. We’re talking that kind of allergy that’ll make you end up not breathing in the ER here, and they’re already starting to get tired of me and my “tryouts” :joy:

That’s all Folks :heavy_heart_exclamation:


13 days to go until the bloodbath starts, the rage I feel today is out of control.
Every tiny bit makes my insides boil.
I’m on my way home now and really hope nothing gets in my way bc RAGE :rage::fire::comet:


Let’s get crazy together :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I feel you so so much! I’m currently searching a Dr who knows what perimenopausal problems are and what to do against them. There IS definitely something that can be done.
I highly recommend the book woman on fire.


Thank you, I’ll check that one out.
And as a recommendation
If you aren’t following Tamsenfadal on Instagram if you have an account check her out.

She’s a real peri-menopaus/menopaus voice for all of us.

And you feel less lonely seeing that there’s woman all over the world who goes through pretty much the same thing.


I’ve been on HRT for about a year now and it does help. The symptoms are not gone, but I have a life again.